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  • To promote the professional development and certifications of IT architects in Hong Kong
  • To disseminate knowledge about enterprise architecture to the IT industry and business
  • To establish a network of IT architects for experience and knowledge sharing
  • To help students and young practitioners develop their careers as IT architects

Executive Committee

RoleNameCompany Name
Convenor: Mr. Dave ChenHong Kong Trade Development Council
Member: Mr. Kenneth ChanDah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.
Member: Mr. Steven ChanMicrosoft Hong Kong Ltd.
Member: Mr. Anthony ChauAXA China Region Insurance Company Ltd.
Member: Mr. Dominic ChengHospital Authority
Member: Mr. Billy ChoyChina Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd.
Member: Mr. Epsilon Ip Hutchison Ports
Member: Mr. Eason LaiMicrosoft Hong Kong Ltd.
Member: Mr. Alvin TamA.S. Watsons Group
Member: Mr. Jimmy TsangMTR Corporation Ltd.
Member: Mr. Justy YuenHong Kong Trade Development Council
Member: Mr. John Yeung
Member: Mr. Ray Yip Red Hat

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