Application & Requirements

Application Form

Application Requirements

In order to be qualified for reciprocal recognition of professional qualifications, applicants should possess the academic qualifications, professional experience and HKCS membership stated below:

  1. A degree in engineering or computing accredited/recognised by the HKIE and the HKCS.
  2. One of the following combinations of HKCS membership and work experience in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or Information System (IS):
    1. A minimum of 8 years post graduation experience for applicants who have been Full Member of HKCS for less than 2 years, or
    2. A minimum of 6 years post graduation experience for applicants who have been Full Member of HKCS for not less than 2 years, or
    3. A minimum of 4 years post graduation experience for applicants who have been Full Member of HKCS for not less than 4 years.
  3. 1 year of HKCS Full membership or above at minimum.
  4. A period of responsible experience in ICT or IS work for not less than 2 years. This period of experience can be achieved through the period of post graduationexperience required in clause 2.

Supporting Documents for Applications

Applicants should submit completed application forms together with supporting documents including:

    1. Certified true copies of academic transcript, academic certificates and professional qualifications certificates (certified by at least one of the referees).
    2. Certified true copies of supporting documents of work experience (e.g. employment letters, reference letters, etc)
    3. A CV with a Training and Experience Report:

The CV should provide (i) inclusive dates of months and years for particular periods of training and experience in chronological order that the applicant has acquired and (ii) concise elaboration of each of listed experience in the following areas:

– Seniority in position
– Responsibilities in job
– Achievements
– Training received
– Any other relevant information

The Training and Experience Report should be a precise report of about 2000 words typewritten on A4 papers. It should not be a mere inventory of work similar to a CV, but a description of tasks and responsibilities of works in project, engineering, technology or design/architecture relating to Information Technology/ Engineering, in which applicants have been employed and enlarged any special problems they have encountered and on which they have obtained more extensive experience.

Applicants from the academic sector should demonstrate their experience in practical applications of information technology/engineering, such as research projects, consulting experience and designs of laboratories. It is not acceptable to submit a thesis instead of the Report.

  • Chart of Responsible Position
    It is a chart illustrating applicants’ position in their organisation and reflecting applicants’ responsibilities other than merely the hierarchy of organisation.

Methods of Submission

Applicants can submit applications by post or in person. The application form should be duly signed and submitted along with the supporting documents as well as the Professional Assessment Fee payment.

Application Processing

The application will be processed according to the Professional Assessment (PA) System in which interview is required regarding the Professional Assessment Panel’s judgment. For details of the PA System, please visit

Requirements for Maintaining the Reciprocal Recognition Status

HKCS membership
Successful candidates granted the reciprocal recognition of professional qualifications is required to maintain their HKCS membership to sustain the status

CPD Requirement
HKCS Members who have been granted the reciprocal membership recognition with HKIE will be required to participate continuously in CDP Programmes in order to sustain the recognition. It is required to fulfill a minimum of 35 CPD Training Units every period of 12 calendar months. For details of the CPD Scheme, please refer to the official website at or leaflet.


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