Professional Assessment Procedures

Submission of Application

Applicants should submit a completed application form together with supporting documents including:

  • Certified (by at least one of the referees) true copies of academic transcripts and credentials and professional qualifications certificates as appropriate
  • Supporting documents of work experience with initial of at least one of the referees.
  • A “Training and Experience Report”:
    It should be a concise report of 2000 words typewritten on single sides of A4 paper.In the first part of the Report, applicants should provide the inclusive dates of months and years for particular periods of training and experience in chronological order that the applicant has acquired. Not a mere inventory of work, applicants should describe in the Report tasks and responsibilities in projects, engineering, techonology and/or design/architecture relating to Information Technology or Information Engineering, in which they have been employed and enlarged; on any special problems they have encountered and on which they have obtained more extensive experience.
  • Applicants from the academic sector should demonstrate their experience in practical applications of information technology/engineering, such as research projects, consulting experience and designs of laboratories. It is not acceptable to submit a thesis instead of the Report.
  • An organisation chart indicating applicants’ responsible position with his employer, clients, colleagues and other related parties

Professional Assessment

Preliminary Application Evaluation
The PAP will first evaluate the suitability of applicants’ academic and professional qualifications, their training and related work experience based on the information provided by candidates. After evaluating applications, the PAP will assign the appropriate IP personnel to conduct further assessment as required.

Aiming at having direct investigation on applicants’ professional knowledge, competency and qualities, assigned Assessors of IP will examine candidates in all professional aspects with reference to an Interview Guide, in which three domains are included: demonstration of being a professional, professionalism and professional knowledge in Information Technology/Engineering process and management.

Based on the Assessment Summary Report prepared by the Assessors, the PAP will make final approval and disapproval of applications. If necessary, deferral of applications may be adopted.

Issuance of Result
Successful applicants in batches will be issued a certificate with a cover letter whilst unsuccessful applicants will be given a notice with the reasons of rejection. Unsuccessful applicants who do not accept the reasons of rejection can apply for the Re-assessment within 6 months after the issuance of the notice. (Note: The amount of re-assessment fee will be confirmed by the HKCS Council.)

New application could be made after at least 1 year from the issuance of the notice for unsuccessful applicant(s).

*The PA system was reviewed and confirmed after incorporating members’ input on the first meeting of the PAP and the QAC on 31 October 2005.