Digital Leadership Development Program (DLD)

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Digital Leadership Development Program (DLD) aims at nurturing early career HKCS members to become future digital leaders to support Hong Kong’s ICT industry’s continued growth.

Aims & Approach

  • Promote 50% on leadership, management, innovation skills; and 50% on broad range of technology trends
  • Expose young IT professionals to future emerging trends on current industry needs
  • Empower young IT professionals the confidence and readiness the leadership/management roles in near future

Outcome & Take Away

  • Current trend in digital leaderships and management; and modern digital organization structure
  • How enterprises innovate at pace and scale; and the potential use of emerging technologies
  • Challenges faced in information security; and the importance the evolution of data and next generation of AI

Admissions and Other Details

  • Target Audience: Professionals with between 5 to 10 years IT related working experience, and some managerial experience in IT-related professional / academia are eligible to apply for the program
  • Admission Fee: HKD 600 for HKCS member / HKD 1200 for non-HKCS member
  • Application: Fill the form [Click Here] and return back to HKCS Secretariat Office at [email protected] no later than 8th January 2023.

Course Details

  • Language: English
  • Format: Around February to April and cover 10 different topics about leadership / management / innovation skills and technology trends. First and last one will be live courses (1.5 – 2 hours) at weekdays evening and others will be online courses (1 hour) at weekdays lunch
  • Graduation criteria: Certificate will be issued to student having attended and passed at least 80% of training course.