IT Job Openings

19/12/2023ProgrammerHospital Authority

  1. HKCS members are welcome to post job advertisements of their own companies/working companies on HKCS website free of charge.
  2. HKCS Corporate members are entitled to post their job advertisements free of charge but the offer does not extend to their subsidiary companies.
  3. Non-member is also welcome to post their job advertisements on HKCS website at a rate of HK$500 for one job advertisement for every three-week period.
  4. Priority would be given to IT related job positions.
  5. There is a limit up to 10 postings on each 30 calendar days of each company, while a limit up to 5 postings from each individual member.
  6. Job advertisements from recruiting agencies will not be considered.
  7. The HKCS reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or refuse the posting of any job opening on our website, to terminate the posting at any time and HKCS not mandatory to provide any reason for such decision.

For those who are interested, please email to [email protected]