Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a systematic means to maintain, improve and broaden one’s skills and knowledge that are essential to carry out one’s duties professionally. The Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) recognizes that IT is an ever-evolving field and being a responsible professional, CPD is essential to the development of his/her profession. As such the Society has the CPD Programme for its members.

Programme Objectives

The CPD Programme will enable a HKCS Member to:

  • maintain one’s professional knowledge and competence
  • be aware of the latest developments and be able to apply the latest technology and applications for the benefits of his/her employer
  • meet the increase in responsibilities and expectation of his/her employer
  • be aware of the society’s expectations and demands
  • provide reasonable assurance to the society that his/her service has been carried out professionally

Programme Requirements

Members are required to fulfill a minimum of thirty (30) CPD hours within a period of twelve (12) calendar months (from 1 January to 31 December) in order to qualify for a “CPD active” status in the membership record and/or a “CPD Certificate” issued by the Society. The calculation of the CPD hours is very simple and based on the number of hours the Members have participated/attended in recognized CPD activities and recognized CPD areas.

CPD Activities

There are three types of activities recognized by the CPD Programme:

  • Type A. Enrolling in a course which is either offered by recognized professional societies and/or education/training providers or part of in-company staff development/training;
  • Type B. Attending conferences, seminars, workshops, visits and activities alike;
  • Type C. Participating in professional services, committee works and education/training and research publications.

CPD Areas

The CPD activities should be related to IT professional skill developments in the following areas:

  • Project management skills
    To manage a project and to control a project’s budget are an absolute must when one progresses up the professional ladder. Training in project management and related skills are recognized.
  • IT technical skills
    This is an ever-evolving category and is revised from time to time. Examples are training in systems analysis and design, databases, programming languages, testing, network administration, security, etc.
  • Application field skills
    IT is applied to all walks of life and most members are applying IT skills to solve specific problems. Member’s training in his/her respective application field is recognized. Examples of application field skills may include skills in the areas of Banking, Logistics, Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Language and communication skills
    A true professional should be able to convey and report ideas clearly. Training that enhances spoken and written presentation and reporting skills are examples of training in this category.
  • Soft skills
    A member should be aware that soft skills are critical elements towards the development of a professional. Training in areas such as teamwork, negotiation, leadership, awareness of the social impacts when an IT solution is applied, and ethical issues are examples of training in this category.

CPD Hours

The CPD hours are the number of hours that the Member is engaged in the CPD activity. For example, the CPD hours of attending a 2-hour seminar/workshop are two (2).

There are a maximum number of CPD hours to be claimed per day for the CPD activities of Type B. For a half-day activity, the maximum is three (3) CPD hours. For a full-day activity, the maximum is six (6) CPD hours.

How to Apply
There are two types of CPD recognition: (1) a “CPD active” status in the HKCS membership record and (2) a CPD Certificate issued by the HKCS.

At the beginning of each calendar year, Members will receive an e-mail invitation to submit their CPD activities in the past year. Members who have obtained at least 30 CPD hours in recognized activities and areas will get updated on the membership record as “CPD active”. All “CPD active” members can apply for a CPD Certificate with a fee of HK$100.

The submission form, together with more details of the CPD programme, can be downloaded from the HKCS Website.

Application Form

The application form can be requested via email: [email protected]

Updated on 7 April 2017