Mr Leo Liu, MHKCS 劉彬星先生

Director of Professional Development 專業發展總監

Vice President of International Business, General Manager of North APAC Region, Alibaba Cloud

阿里雲國際業務副總裁, 亞太北大區總經理

Mr. Liu Binxing (Leo) has a longstanding dedication to advancing the worldwide adoption of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies. His portfolio showcases an exceptional comprehension and wealth of hands-on experience in strategizing and deploying high-tech industry sectors. Leo is currently the Vice President of International Business and General Manager of North APAC Region of Alibaba Cloud. Additionally, he is a board member for several Alibaba Cloud Group’s subsidiaries across the North APAC Region, leading the team to establish the entire region’s cloud computing and network infrastructure, and providing comprehensive cloud solutions such as IaaS, PaaS, AI, security, and IoTs to customers in various industries.

Moreover, Leo introduced the “Sustainable Innovation Platform” concept to the globe, making Alibaba Cloud one of the largest public cloud providers in the region in a short time. At the same time, Leo strives to construct a cloud ecosystem and business innovation, and provide entrepreneurs with technical and financial support to accelerate digitalization in the market.

Leo actively promotes cloud computing and AI in social education. He constantly shares his leadership thoughts with the market, in a column called “Alibaba Cloud Journal” in the Hong Kong Economic Times. Also, Leo acts as the Board Member of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, Director and VP of Executive Council member in Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance, Council Members of the Hong Kong Computer Society, IT Management Committee member of the Hong Kong Management Association, VP of the Greater Bay Area Fintech Promotion Association, Honorary President of Lantau District Junior Police Call, Council member of The Institute of Big Data Governance, ICT Service Advisory Committee member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Mentor of Alibaba

Entrepreneurs Fund, the member of Cybercrime Policing Advisory Panel and Steering Committee of the Corporate Innovation Index at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) of CUHK Business School.

Before joining Alibaba Cloud, Leo accumulated extensive experience in Greater China and Europe. In these roles, he was entrusted with the strategic oversight and international expansion of cloud computing technologies and cutting-edge innovations.

Leo graduated from Tongji University, Shanghai, further obtained a master’s degree from Loughborough University and an EMBA master’s degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.



此外,他在社會及公眾教育一直積極推動雲計算和人工智能的普及化,並在香港經濟日報駐有專欄「阿里雲誌」。更獲委任為香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司董事,大灣區5G産業聯盟董事兼執行委員會副主席,香港電腦學會理事會成員,香港管理專業協會 (IT管理委員會) 委員,大灣區金融科技促進總會副會長,大嶼山區少年警訊名譽會長,大數據治理公會理事會成員,香港貿易發展局諮詢委員會 (資訊及通訊科技服務) 委員,阿里巴巴創業者基金創業導師,香港警務處網路犯罪警務諮詢小組成員及香港中文大學商學院亞太商學院 (APIB) 企業創新指數指導委員。