Prof. Andy Chun, MHKCS 陳漢偉教授

Director of Professional & Career Development 專業及事業發展總監

Regional Director – Technology Innovation, Prudential Corporation Asia

Prof. Chun is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer and global technology visionary with over three decades of AI innovation experience in a variety of industries. His passion is in empowering organizations to create business value through better products/services and customer experience leveraging digital transformation, AI, and enterprise optimization. He is a highly trusted AI/IT consultant for some of the largest organizations and government agencies in this region. Chun is a international keynote speaker and has presented talks on a range of technology-related topics. Chun is a global technologist and regularly provides expert opinions to research firms and the media.

Prof. Chun is currently with Prudential plc, a global financial services company headquartered in London, and serves as their Regional Director of Technology Innovation for Prudential Corporation Asia. Chun provides leadership in the use of technology to improve customers’ wealth and health. He is also an honorary Adjunct Professor at City University of Hong Kong, where he previously served as its Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Associate Professor, transforming it to be one of the most innovative and technology-progressive in this region.

Chun has received numerous AI and ICT awards, such as IAAI awards from AAAI, as well as the HK CIO Award and the Top 5 Greater China CIO Award. Chun has also been a senior advisor to the HK Government on AI and IT strategies. Currently, he serves as the Convenor of the AI Specialist Group for the Hong Kong Computer Society, to promote AI in Hong Kong and providing advice to Government on AI-related policies and strategies.

CIO Pocket MBA (2011) program at Boston University, School of Management; received a PhD (1987) and MSc (1983) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and a BSc (1981) in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.




陳教授獲波士頓大學管理學院頒發資訊科技總監Pocket工商管理碩士(2011) ,擁有伊利诺伊大學厄巴納-香檳分校哲學博士學位(1987)及電子工程學碩士(1983),並於伊利諾理工學院取得理學士學位 (1981),主修電子工程。