Mr Dave Chen, FHKCS 陳俊偉先生

Vice President (Cutting-edge Technologies) 副會長(新興技術及應用)

Head of Information Technology, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Dave has an impressive track record as Head of IT and Chief Architect on IT strategic planning and digital transformation initiatives.

Currently serving as the Vice President of HKCS, Dave leads the emerging technology and specialist groups such as AI, Cybersecurity, FinTech, and Enterprise Architecture for the Council. He is an Enterprise Architecture evangelist and leads the IT Architect community in Hong Kong. Dave has served as the Convener of HKCS EASIG (renamed to EASG) for 10 years since 2011. He is also a HKCS Fellow.

In the past four years, Dave has been an active member of the HKCS Council, organizing over 50 events, including seminars, luncheons, webinars, and the largest Enterprise Architecture event in Hong Kong each year, which has a record hit of over 180 attendees.

Dave actively contributes to the HK IT industry by taking on various voluntary roles. He has served as the Organizing & Programme Committee for HK International Computer Conference (HKICC) since 2014, Organizing & Technical Advisory Committee for Robocon HK since 2015, and Organizing Committee for APICTA 2023. He is also the Founder & Chairman of the Association of Enterprise Architects, HK Chapter and a mentor for HKCS iLEAP, HK PolyU Inspire, and other programs. Dave is a member of the IT Discipline Advisory Board for VTC.

Dave holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and has obtained professional qualifications in Security, Cloud, and Data Science. He is an active speaker, columnist, AWS Authorized Instructor Champion, and Microsoft Certified Trainer with a proven ability to speak confidently at large ICT forums and conferences in Asia.

陳俊偉先生(Dave) 擁有逾20年資訊科技行業服務經驗,包括擔任IT主管和首席架構師。他專長於策劃資訊科技策略及提供企業架構建議,傑出表現有目共睹。

他現任香港電腦學會(HKCS)的副會長,領導新興技術和專家組(Specialist Group),如人工智能、網絡安全、金融科技和企業架構。陳先生是企業架構專家,並熱心推動業界發展。自2011年以來,他還擔任HKCS EASIG(改名為EASG)主席長達10年之久。



  • 自2014年以來,擔任香港國際電腦會議(HKICC)的籌備及程序委員會成員
  • 自2015年以來,擔任Robocon HK的籌備和技術顧問委員會成員
  • APICTA 2023的籌備委員會成員
  • Association of Enterprise Architects香港分會創辦人及主席
  • HKCS iLEAP、HK PolyU Inspire等計劃的導師
  • VTC IT學科顧問委員會成員