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  • To increase awareness among members the importance of innovation in developing solutions using technologies;
  • To assist members in the development of skills and the reinforcement of behavior that are conducive to innovative endeavors;
  • To assist members in the honing their entrepreneurship skills;
  • To assist members transiting from technologists / academia to technology business operators;
  • To advise governments, other organizations and policy makers on matters which are related to innovation, entrepreneurship, career development and job creation;
  • To cultivate cultural change and mentoring to accept failure;
  • To become part of the ecosystem with other relevant organization;
  • To augment the support to entrepreneurship.


Welcome all members, including student members, of HKCS. Coaches are invited and they are not restricted to HKCS members.

Committee Members

RoleNameCompany Name
Chairperson: Mr. Aurthur AuApeirospect Ltd
Committee Member: Mr. Michael Au
The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Committee Member: Ms. Anita Chau
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Ltd.
Committee Member: Ms. Clara Hong
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Committee Member: Mr. Joseph KocThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Committee Member: Ms. Katherine Lam
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co Ltd.
Committee Member: Mr. Andrew McLachlanMorning China Holdings Ltd.

Coaching Program

We offer the opportunities to the HKCS members, not limited to student members, for coaching them in their journey of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have enlisted experienced (typically older) professionals who are experienced in the multi-dimensional disciplines throughout the process of innovation and entrepreneurship. They provide the career guidance, advice and assistance from their real world experience.

The bond and rapport between the coach and the apprentice can be evolved to become a mentor/mentee relationship.


A good coach/mentor is wise and willing to share his or her knowledge and experiences. It’s like having a wonderful trusted ally to go to whenever one is feeling unsure or in need of support. They can help setting up and achieving career goals, making smart business decisions, overcoming workplace challenges, learning new skills or simply offering an outside perspective when one is facing frustrations at work. The benefits are truly endless.

Selection & Relationship

Look for the coach who is someone has a career you’d like to emulate and/or who embodies the professional characteristics that are desirable to achieve. That doesn’t mean to follow in their footsteps exactly.

The coach/mentor must be willing as well. He/she is eager to share knowledge, will be open and honest with you, will have time to dedicate to you (though how much is flexible) and is trustworthy.

It is recommended that both sides like one another on a personal level, not just a professional one. The conversations should be pleasant, engaging and inspiring.

The arrangement, formal or casual, between the coaches and the apprentice are private matters between them.

The motivations of the coaches/mentors

The coaches received multiple mentorships during their growth years. They have no way to pay back their coaches/mentors. Their only way to pay back is to become coaches/mentors themselves. Furthermore, the coaches/mentors simply believe in the person they are helping and want to see him or her succeed, and that alone is worth the time and energy. Others look at mentorship as a way of leaving a legacy. The coaches/mentors like to pass their wisdom down to the next generation. The coaches/mentors have the power to make a huge difference in the society, the industry, and even the world.

It’s a win-win situation.


Mr. Joseph Koc

Mr Koc is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies and related business best practices in the Infrastructure and Services Division at Jardine OneSolution (JOS). He is also responsible for the development of the Group's corporate branding and communication strategy.

Mr Koc joined JOS in 1988 and has since been involved in different facets of the Group business. Initially engaged in various wholesale distribution efforts, including the distribution of computer peripherals and enterprise networking products, Mr Koc subsequently took charge of the direct end-user business, focusing on consumer and SME customers. Since 2000 his core responsibility has increasingly shifted towards charting out the overall sales and marketing strategy of the Group.

Mr Koc was appointed to his current post, Group Marketing Director, Infrastructure and Services Division, Jardine OneSolution, in July 2014.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and an MBA with emphasis in Management of Information Systems and International Marketing, both from Indiana University, Bloomington (USA)
Mr. Andrew McLachlan

He came to Hong Kong from Sydney, Australia in 1973. He worked at the Jardine Mathesons Holdings for many years. He was responsible for the strategic direction of Jardine in their entrance into IT technology and business. He set up the first intelligent building, the Exchange Square, in Hong Kong.

Andrew held senior managerial positions with international Asia Pacific companies such as Jardine Matheson and LM Ericsson in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, responsible for key management decisions in telecommunications activities value added service business (Engine Program) and service providers in mobile and wireline consulting and services.

His core competency are sales and marketing of large and small scale IT and Telecom integration, and management of telecommunications products and services.

His past achievements include not limited to: Design and integration of the technology platform for the trading floor and IT support for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Call Centre design and replacement for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

He is now CEO of Morning China Holdings Limited & Chairman of Eight Dragons Asset Management Limited - Mentoring, capital training and Investment for leading edge technology companies.

Was with Ericsson (China) as Vice President, Wireless Data Systems Solutions and Services, for Hong Kong & China, based in Shanghai & Beijing.

Andrew has been regarded as one of the pioneers in Hong Kong ICT Technology and Business referred in the book "The Computer Age in Hong Kong".

Activity Plan

  • Invite speakers, both local and international, to give talks sharing their experiences in innovative problem solving and entrepreneurship;
  • Organize visits to different companies, universities, research institutions, industry parks, cities in the region that are exemplifying the concept of
  • innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Establish mentorship program with selected incubation centers in the region;
  • Arrange general public talks.
  • Orchestrate a coaching session every two to three months to coach the invited entrepreneurs and startups.

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