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24-6-2018South China Morning PostDr. Andy Chun Artificial intelligence’s greatest contribution may be in health care, and China is leading the way
5-6-2018東方日報網Mr. Ricky Woo 拓FinTech不忘提升保安
1-6-2018RECRUITMr. Felt Tang 網絡保安行業新貴OT Security
4-5-2018RECRUITIr. Ted Suen 發展AI 前途無限
22-4-2018South China Morning PostDr. Andy Chun China’s AI dream is well on its way to becoming a reality
6-4-2018RECRUITMs. Cally Chan多元共融的人事政策
8-3-2018東方日報Ir. Ted Suen推動創新科技四建議
15-1-2018東方日報Mr. Benny Lam股市演算交易散戶化
5-1-2018RECRUITMr. Peter Yan數據中心 需求不斷