Ms. Alice So, MHKCS 蘇雅麗女士

Director of Social Engagement 社會參與總監

Head of Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

As a passionate, strategic and result-driven leader with regional exposure, Alice has been dedicated to provide supports to Hong Kong start-ups for more than a decade.  Before she joined Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited in 2011, she supported the design-related start-ups for years at the Hong Kong and Science Technology Parks.  She has also worked for multinational companies in plastic resins, chemical and pharmaceutical businesses, with an extensive business background in regional markets which require a deep understanding of multicultural and multi-ethnic working practices.  Currently as the Head of Entrepreneurship, Alice leads the Entrepreneurship Team to nurture talents and assist startups at different life stages to accelerate in the digital tech industry worldwide, through the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and the Cyberport Incubation Programme with financial support and professional services.  She also drives the integration of traditional and new economies through adopting more innovative solutions as well as strengthens the collaboration of different stakeholders to foster the development of local industries and the economy.

With a Degree in Public and Social Administration and a Master in Engineering Business Management, Alice continues to equip herself with knowledge of business and technology trends, as well as to support and empower those around her to push the boundaries of their capabilities to become their best selves.  She believes very strongly in the importance of people developing entrepreneurial mindset, no matter they are in the role of a student or an employee.  Alice has been in the judging and assessment panels for signature technology awards and innovation funding schemes including the Smart People Award of Hong Kong ICT Awards, the Jumpstarter 2017 of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, 2019 MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge, the Technovation and the TSSSU fundings of universities, etc.  Alice is a member of the Hong Kong Computer Society and a Project Management Professional of the Project Management Institute.


蘇女士擁有公共及社會管理學士學位及工程商業管理碩士學位,並在商業和科技發展趨勢方面繼續增值,亦鼓勵其他人不斷挑戰自己,做到最好。蘇女士堅信企業家思維對學生及員工同樣重要。蘇女士常擔任各科技獎項及創新資助計劃的評審, 包括香港資訊及通訊科技獎智慧市民獎、阿里巴巴企業家創業者基金 Jumpstarter 2017、麻省理工學院的國際融合創新大賽2019、Technovation、大學科技初創企業資助計劃等等。蘇女士是香港電腦學會的會員及項目管理協會的項目管理專業人員。