Internet of Things and Mobility SIG (IMSIG)


The IoT & Mobility Special Interest Group (“IoTMoSIG”) is a Special Interest Group of the Special Interest Division (“SID”), and IoTMoSIG is established under Hong Kong Computer Society (“HKCS”) to promote the IoT & mobility related technologies in Hong Kong.



·        To promote the IoT & Mobility technologies in Hong Kong;
·        To provide advisory and feedback to Government and other stakeholders on the policies and practices of IoT & Mobility in Hong Kong;
·        To conduct and participate in market nurturing activities on IoT & Mobility, including but not limited to, hosting and/or supporting/organising forum, conference, and summits;
·        To act as a professional body in representing IoT & Mobility participants to the community, including media;
·        To collaborate and link up other IoT & Mobility associations/ consortium both local & overseas supporting bodies, partners including commercial sectors running the IoT & Mobility services or solutions;

Committee Members

Chairperson: Mr. Vincent Kwok
Vice Chairpersons: Mr. Kenneth Chau
Mr. Garrick Ng
Committee Members: Mr. Kenneth Ma
Committee Advisors: Mr. John Chiu, JP
Ms. Barbara Chiu
Mr. Gabriel Leung

Upcoming Activities

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Past Activities

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