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Specialist Group (SG)

HKCS Specialist Group (SG) is one of the major pillars of HKCS in shaping the future of IT for Hong Kong. The mission of our SG is to bridge the business and IT world together to share knowledge and best practices of IT technologies so that business values of IT can be unleashed fully to enterprises, government and the society of Hong Kong. In 2012-2013, SG has further strengthened its team to cover more emerging IT technologies and business solutions. SG has invited IT senior executives from different industries to be our advisors so that we can apply emerging technologies to suit the needs of these industries. Currently, SG has 4 Specialist Groups (SG). They are Artifical Intelligence SG, Cyber Security SG, Enterprise Architecture SG, FinTech SG. Every one of these SGs is being led by leading IT and business professionals specialized in the corresponding domains. Every SG organises seminars and site visits, conduct survey and research, provides vendor-neutral advisory services to organisations and governments, and contribute views to various IT and business media on their corresponding domains.

SG also takes the lead to generate synergy across these SGs to bring true business values and cross-disciplined advisory services to enterprises, government and the society of Hong Kong. For instance, all SGs were in the program committee of HKCS’s annual flagship event – Hong Kong International Computer Conference (HKICC). Every SG has specific expertise and own networks in the IT and business sectors. We were able to generate synergy among all SGs and added extra values to the conference. We worked hand in hand to design the program content, invite speakers and facilitate workshops and seminars in the conference. All SGs often meet formally and causally to explore new ideas and build new networks. If you haven’t joined us, please do so to contribute your knowledge and experience to help SG shape the future of IT for Hong Kong.

Artifical Intelligence Specialist Group

Convenor: Dr. Andy Chun


Cyber Security Specialist Group

Convenor: Mr. Ricky Woo


Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group

Convenor: Mr. Dave Chen


FinTech Specialist Group

Convenor: Mr. Frazer Lam