Mr Francis Ngai, MHKCS 魏已倡先生

Vice President (Interindustry Collaboration) & Honorary Secretary 副會長(業界合作)及名譽秘書

Chairman & Founder, XDaTech Limited

Francis Ngai is Honorary Secretary and Vice-President of Hong Kong Computer So-ciety in charge of Industry Relations, convening three streams of sub-committees, namely, Retail, Travel & Transportation, and Construction industry. He was the General Manager of IBM China/Hong Kong Limited, overseeing IBM’s business operations and strategic devel-opment in Hong Kong. He has been leading the company to assist clients for their digital transformation journey. Francis retired from IBM in October 2021 after his 34 years of ser-vices and he has just started his new journey with the Doctorate Degree program in HKUST. He also sits in advisory boards of various organizations and acts as a mentor to the Start-ups in Science Park.

Francis has been acknowledged as a transformation leader since his role as Commer-cial Business Director in IBM. He was the one integrating the Digital Sales and Commercial salesforce during the dot-com age. Swift, Sharp and Agile (SSA) were always his advocacy in his business operation.

He joined IBM in 1987 from campus recruitment from The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Sales Representative and ever worked in various functions and client seg-ments including Greater China Group. He left IBM for EMC for four years in 2000 for the capacity of HK General Manager, Channel Director for South China, and Sales Director for Industrial Sector in China, and then rejoined IBM in 2004.

Francis is an active participant in the Hong Kong community and IT industry. Other than HKCS, he is also appointed as the Chairman of the HK ICT Award 2021 organized by the Government. Francis is also a member of the Cyberport Advisory Panel, vice-chairman of the eMPF Committee in Industry FinTech Association, board advisor of YAS Insurance, The University of Hong Kong, CUHK Business School, and Heng Seng University, while also serving the Community Chest as member in the Fund Allocation Committee.