In 2020 HKCS reached the BIG FIVE O, fifty years of age!

To celebrate this auspicious milestone, the HKCS 50th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee decreed to publish a commemorative booklet on the illustrious history of HKCS in terms of its mission, objectives and activities from the founding of the Society in 1970 to the myriad of activities in the present day.

Many informed individuals were involved in the development and production of this commemorative booklet, from our founding fathers of HKCS in 1970, our Presidents, Council and Committee Members, Distinguished Fellows, to the HKCS Members and friends who have provided us with their memories and accounts of their participation and efforts in fulfilling our core mission in ICT professional development, talent cultivation, industry development and regional and mainland collaboration over the past 5 decades.

We hope you would have much joy in reading this 280+ paged memorable publication, as much as we had in producing it. For many, the narratives and historical photos of past events and endeavours would evoke treasured memories and rekindle the camaraderie of old acquaintances and friendships.