The COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools in Hong Kong to suspend classes time to time since early 2020. Without a guarantee of when the pandemic will be contained, schools are forced to move from face-to-face lectures and rapidly switch to an alternative – online classes.  However, there are still many low-income families in Hong Kong that cannot afford computers for their children to take e-learning classes at home.

In addition, many seniors may be isolated from friends and family under COVID-19, in order to help seniors overcome loneliness amid COVID-19 pandemic, computer devices are a great way for seniors to maintain their relationships and prevent loneliness while social distancing guidelines are in place.

In view of this, the Hong Kong Computer Society has launched a “Computer Donation to People in Need” program, sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and partnered with Caritas Computer Workshop. The program aims to promote used computer devices donation to needy students and families to cater for their e-learning and living needs during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.



Objective: To provide refurbished laptops to eligible applicants for free to cater for their e-learning and living needs during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Collection Period: March 2021 – February 2022

Application Period: April 2021 – February 2022




Notes to Donors:

Recycling Terms and Guidelines

  • In order to let the beneficiary students to have a smoother and more effective learning process, the minimum specification requirements of used laptops are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5 (4th gen) or above

Monitor: 12” or above with no cracks

RAM: 4GB DDR3 or above

HDD: 250GB HDD or above

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Accessories: With charger and battery

Quantity: minimum 3 laptops or above

  • Interested organisations can make an appointment for on-site collection service through online registration.
  • Caritas Computer Workshop will contact the donor to arrange an on-site collection within three to five weeks, given the information provided in the online registration form is completed.
  • If the office is located in a remote area, it may take extra working days to arrange for on-site collection, or even fail to collect. Whether it is able to arrange on-site collection or the waiting time for the on-site collection will depend on the actual situation. Caritas Computer Workshop will confirm the relevant matters when contacting the donor, and the donor shall not object.
  • Once all donated laptops have been collected, any request to retrieve the laptop and/or any data or information contained in the laptop will not be accepted.
  • If the collected laptop cannot be successfully rebuilt into recycled computers, Caritas Computer Workshop will dismantle it and send the parts to qualified recyclers for recycling. Caritas Computer Workshop has the sole discretion to decide whether the collected laptops can be turned into recycled laptops.
  • Donors must agree to pass their contact information to Caritas Computer Workshop for follow-up purposes. Personal information is only used for this project.
  • The Hong Kong Computer Society and Caritas Computer Workshop shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or data loss of the donated laptops during delivery.
  • All counterfeit, pirated, illegal or other improperly owned laptops will not be collected. In case of special circumstances, the recycling personnel has the right to decide whether to collect the laptops.
  • If the donor needs to change the address or the collection time that has been reserved, please contact Caritas Computer Workshop at least three working days before the appointment day. The appointment can only be changed once.
  • In the event of a black rainstorm warning or tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above, the on-site collection service will be suspended. Caritas Computer Workshop will contact the donor to make another arrangement.
  • Caritas Computer Workshop will not be held responsible for any delay, suspension or rescheduling due to traffic, weather conditions, or other factors at the agreed collection time.
  • The staff of Caritas Computer Workshop will bring the receipt upon collection. The staff will list the number of donated computers on the receipt for both parties to verify it and sign for confirmation. Caritas Computer Workshop and the donor will each keep a copy of the receipt.

Data Processing

Responsibilities of Donor

Donors are responsible for removing all data stored in the laptops and completing the following procedures before donating:

  • Back up or transfer all data in any storage devices such as computer hard disks and memory;
  • Delete all data in any storage devices such as computer hard drives and memory;
  • Remove all removable media such as computer memory cards, floppy disks, CDs or PC cards;
  • Unlock all locks; ensure that all donated computers must be placed independently, separated from any devices, connected systems, or obstructed storage locations, and handed over to the recycling staff together with the charger and battery.
  • Under any circumstance, Caritas Computer Workshop is not responsible for any data that has not been deleted in the computer, any loss of confidential data or any software.
  • Please remove if there are personal or organisation information (such as name, password, email address, organisation logo, company trademark, etc.) pasted on the machine.

Responsibilities of Caritas Computer Workshop

  • Donors are responsible for completing the above procedures before donating laptops, and Caritas Computer Workshop will also use a program written in compliance with the DoD 5220.22-M replication standard of the US Department of Defense to erase the hard disk data, which can be completely destroyed sensitive data. The above data erasing method will not damage the hard disk and the hard disk will be reinstalled in the laptop.

捐贈者須知 : 回收條款及指引

  • 為使受惠學生的學習過程更暢順及有效,所回收手提電腦的配置需達到以下要求:

處理器:      Intel Core i5 (第四代)或以上
顯示屏:      12吋或以上(沒有裂痕,並能正常使用)
記憶體:      4GB DDR3或以上
硬碟:         250GB HDD或以上
作業系統:   Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
配件:         充電器及電池

數量:           3台手提電腦或以上

  • 有興趣機構可以透過網上登記方式預約上門回收服務。
  • 如填寫的資料齊全,工場職員會聯絡捐贈者約期及於三至五個星期內安排上門回收。
  • 如地址位於偏遠地區,有機會需要額外工作天數才能安排上門回收,甚至未能派人上門回收。最終能否安排回收或回收輪候時間將按實際情況而定,明愛電腦工場將於聯絡捐贈者時確認相關事宜,捐贈者不得異議。
  • 所有捐贈電腦一經收取,恕不接受取回該電腦和/或於該電腦中包含的任何數據或資訊的要求。
  • 如回收之手提電腦未能成功復修成再生電腦,明愛電腦工場將分拆相關電腦並分類零件,交由合資格回收商循環再造,出售零件所得收益將用作補貼明愛電腦工場於這計劃上的開支。明愛電腦工場可全權決定所回收的手提電腦能否成為再生電腦。
  • 捐贈者必須同意將聯絡資料交予明愛電腦工場作聯絡回收及跟進用途,個人資料只供此計劃使用。
  • 在運送過程當中,所回收之電腦如有任何損壞、遺失或資料遺失,香港電腦學會及明愛電腦工場恕不負任何責任。
  • 此計劃絕不回收所有假冒、盗版、以任何不合法或以其他不當方法擁有之電腦。如遇特殊狀況,回收人員亦可全權決定是否回收該部電腦。
  • 捐贈者如需更改已預約的捐贈電腦地址或時間,請於預約日前至少三個工作天聯絡明愛電腦工場更改安排,預約只可更改一次。
  • 如遇上黑色暴雨警告或八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號,回收服務將會暫停,明愛電腦工場將聯絡捐贈者另作安排。
  • 於約定的回收時間,因交通或天氣情況,或其它因素影響有所延誤、暫停或改期,明愛電腦工場恕不負任何責任。
  • 明愛電腦工場職員將携同收貨單上門回收,職員會於收貨單上列明回收電腦數量,雙方即時核對無誤後簽署作實,回收人員及捐贈者將各保留一份收貨單以茲證明。




  • 備份或移轉電腦硬碟及記憶體等任何儲存裝置中的全數資料;
  • 刪除電腦硬碟及記憶體等任何儲存裝置中的全數資料;
  • 移除電腦記憶卡、磁碟、CD 或 PC 卡等所有抽取式媒體;
  • 解除所有鎖定;確保所有捐出之電腦必須獨立放置,脫離任何裝置、連接系統、或有障礙的存放位置,並於捐贈電腦時,連同充電器及電池一併交予回收人員
  • 在任何情形下,明愛電腦工場對於電腦內未被刪除之任何資料,以及遺失任何機密資料或任何軟體一概並不負責。
  • 如機身上有貼上個人或機構資料 (例如:姓名、密碼、電郵地址、機構標誌、公司商標等),請捐贈者自行除去。


  • 捐贈者在捐贈前有責任自行完成以上之程序,而明愛電腦工場同時會使用符合美國國防部 5220.22-M複寫標準而編寫的程式把回收後的電腦硬碟進行資料擦除,能完全銷毀敏感資料,使得數據不能修復,以上資料擦除方法不會破壞或損毀硬碟本身,因此完成資料擦除後的硬碟會重新安裝於再生電腦內循環再用,捐贈予此計劃的受助人士使用。

Notes to Applicants:

Application Eligibility

The Applicant shall fulfill one of the following requirements:

  1. receiving subsidies from the Social Welfare Department (e.g. the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, Disability Allowance);
  2. receiving subsidies from the Student Finance Office (e.g. The School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme, The Student Travel Subsidy (STS) Scheme, The Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA), Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme);
  3. receiving subsidies from the Government (e.g. Work Incentive Transport Subsidy, Community Care Fund, Working Family Allowance, Rent Assistance Scheme, etc.);
  1. Referred or recommended by social worker, school teacher, or district councilor.

Application Procedure

  1. The applicant has to fill in the online application form and upload relevant supporting documents.
  2. Once the application is successfully approved, Caritas Computer Workshop will begin to refurbish a donated laptop, which will take up to 12 working days. Upon completion, the applicant will be notified to go to the Caritas Computer Workshop to collect the laptop within 14 working days.
  3. Qualified applicants are not allowed to choose the assigned laptop.



  1. 現正接受社會福利署資助之人士(如綜合社會保障援助金、傷殘津貼等);
  2. 獲學生資助處發放的學校書簿津貼、學生車船津貼、上網費津貼、幼稚園及幼兒中心學費減免計劃;
  3. 現正接受政府發放的援助之人士(如交通津貼、關愛基金、低收入在職家庭津貼、租金援助計劃等);
  4. 經由註冊社工、學校老師或區議員推薦。


  1. 申請人填妥網上申請表,並上載有關証明文件。
  2. 申請成功批核後,工場將開始製作重用手提電腦,需時最多12個工作天,完成後將通知申請人親身於14個工作天內到電腦工場取機。
  3. 合資格申請者不能挑選獲分配的再生手提電腦。

Thanks to the following companies are supporting to this donation program:

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Ltd
The Bank of East Asia
CDF-Lagardere Co. Ltd
China Construction Bank (Asia) Limited
Gammon Construction Limited
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation
Integrated Solutions Limited
Long Data Technology Limited
Securities & Futures Commission

Telephone: 2716 6875 (Caritas Compute Workshop)

Email: ycsc[email protected]