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Founded in 1970, the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), with over 9,000 members, is a well-recognised non-profit organisation focused on developing Hong Kong’s Information Technology (IT) profession and industry. Members hail from a broad spectrum of Hong Kong’s IT community, from corporations to like-minded individuals, all coming together to raise the profile and standards of our profession and industry.

For nearly four decades, the HKCS has been playing a vital role in molding information technology (IT) culture in Hong Kong, and its energy, enthusiasm, and momentum are as positive today as when it was first formed. As a well respected professional body, the Society is committed to professional and industry development as well as community services that ensure the IT sector continues to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives with the following three main goals:

– Talent cultivation and professional development
– Industry development and collaboration
– The effective use of IT in our community

Under the guidance of the HKCS Council, whose 21 Members are recognised leaders hailed from the entire spectrum of our IT industry and profession, the seven standing committees (Branding and Communications, External Engagement, Great China Affairs, Internal Affairs Governance, Membership, Professional and Career Development and Talent Cultivation) and ad-hoc Project Committees provide specialized knowledge and information in specific areas of interest and organise regular activities to help promote IT in Hong Kong, including conferences, seminars, workshops and visits on various subjects related to IT. Through its Council and Committee Members, the Society is well represented in Government, professional, and industry advisory bodies to contribute to and advise on policies, standards and applications related to IT in both public and private sectors. Based on Members’ surveys and informed views of our Council and Committees, formal responses are regularly submitted to the Government in relevant consultation exercises.

With Talent Cultivation and Professional Development being our primary goal, the Society persistently encourages our youths to pursue IT-related studies at our tertiary institutions and to take up IT as a career through talks, exhibitions, IT Career toolkit and mentorship. Our groundbreaking IT Career Roadmap Project aims to provide our youths with insight on the wide career paths to success within the IT profession. As for continuing professional development, our recently revamped 4 specialist groups (SG) (Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Enterprise Architecture, Financial Technology) disseminate technical and application knowledge of topical interests to in- service professionals through forums and networking activities. With broad support from our professional community, the Society is the pioneer in launching IT professional certification in HK, with eight certifiable titles, namely three mater-level titles (System Architect, Project Director, Quality Assurance Manager), one specialist-level title (IT Project Manager) and four practitioner-level titles (Associate Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Operation Officer, Information Security Officer).

Over the years, HKCS has established a strong network with local IT professional and organisations, with many co-organised and mutually supported events. Particularly worthy of note is reached an agreement on Reciprocal Recognition on Professional Qualifications RRPQ with the HK Institution of Engineers (HKIE). On the international front, an excellent example is its EXCO Membership of the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) which conducts the annual Asia Pacific ICT Awards with HKCS organising an annual delegation from HK to compete with entries from Asia Pacific economies. HK results have always been good to excellent over the past years.

For enquiries, please contact the HKCS Secretariat at tel: +852 2834 2228; Email: or browse the HKCS official website: for more information.