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The IT Leadership Accelerator Platform (iLEAP) aims at providing professional and leadership development platforms for adding emerging values to IT managers in view of the shortage of competent and effective Senior IT Manager, especially, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of IT in Hong Kong.



  • To provide a forum for senior IT practitioners to exchange knowledge, views, insights and professional/managerial experiences related to Information Management (IM), Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT);
  • To deliver appropriate education and training in professional and leadership development;
  • To foster relationship/networking of members with a wide range of industry organisations and other professional bodies within/outside Hong Kong.

Committee Members

Chairman:Mr. Ted Suen
Vice-chairman:Ir. Dr. Louis Ma
Secretary:Mr. John Hui
Treasurer:HKCS Secretariat
Membership:Ir. Ted Suen
Dr. Cyril Chan
Mr. Horace Chu
Mr. Maurice Mo
Programs & Events:Mr. Davis Hui
Ms. Jean Hung
Ms. Christine Yau
Mr. Peter Yen
Training & Mentorship:Mr. John Hui
Ir. Dr. Louis Ma
Dr. Kelvin Wan

Recent Events


  • Tel: +852 3589-5154
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