Cyber Security SG (CSSG)


  • to be a platform for Society’s members to collaborate, discuss and experience sharing on the topic of cyber security
  • to keep abreast with and focus on enabling and evolving technologies of cyber security
  • to be a catalyst for innovation through thought leadership
  • to cultivate leadership and technical competencies for members within the cybersecurity field
  • to act as a professional body in representing Cyber Security participants to the community, including media
  • to assist member’s career growth by providing professional development events, career path information, mentoring and coaching services, and networking opportunities

Committee Members

Convenor:Mr. Ricky Woo
EXCO Members:Mr. Aldar Chan
Mr. Felix Kan
Mr. Tang Wing Fai
Mr. Dickson Wong
Mr. Raymond Yip
Mr. Nelson Yuen

Recent Events