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Brief Description

According to the “Smart City Research Report” conducted by the Central Policy Unit in Sept 2015, there are 20 cities classified by a consulting company, HIS, as Smart Cities. The number will increase to 90 by 2025. Developing smart cities is becoming a key strategy of many countries for global competitiveness as well as sustainability. Hong Kong was ranked by Boyd Cohen as number 4 Smart City in Asia Pacific thanks to the popularity of electronic payment. In order to strengthen Hong Kong as a top Smart City, there are many areas to be further improved, i.e., legal framework, development focus and strategy, technology R&D as well as adoption, economic value and community support, etc.

Smart City Special Interest Group (SCSIG) believes Smart City is not just a technology initiative but also a strategic direction for Hong Kong to progress with the involvement of all stakeholders from government, businesses, technology provider to the citizens. SCSIG preaches the sharing of experience and professional knowledge in the adoption and application of Smart City initiatives. We motivates like-minded people to share and drive it, if you are interested in joining as our members or executive committee, please drop us an email ( with attention to Mr. Dennis Lee – Chairman of SCSIG, or contact the Secretariat at 2834 2228.



There are three key objectives in Smart City Special Interest Group (SCSIG):

  • To bring up the awareness of Smart City, to promote its adoption, knowledge sharing among the HKCS members and companies in Hong Kong.
  • To facilitate the communication and collaboration with organisation outside Hong Kong with an interest in Smart City initiatives.
  • To provide guidance and advices on education and qualification related to Smart City.

Committee Members

ChairmanMr. Dennis Lee
Vice Chairman/Marketing
Vice Chairman/Treasurer
Mr. Leo Yeung
Dr. Victor Ng
AdvisorDr. C K Wong
Ir Susanna Shen
Mr. Charles Mok
Convenor – Smart Government
Convenor – IoT
Convenor – Smart Economy
Convenor – Smart Living
Convenor – FinTech
Convenor – Big Data
Convenor – Smart Mobility
Convenor – Green Tech
Convenor – DataCom
Convenor – Cybersecurity
Mr. Dave Chen
Mr. Argon Ho
Mr. Aaron Hui
Ir. Dr. William Kwan
Mr. Teddy Ko
Mr. Benny Lam
Mr. Spencer Li
Mr. Fergus Wong
Mr. Michael Wong
Mr. Chris Yau


Annual Report 2014-15:

Year 2015
2014/04/23 Business on Cloud
Year 2014
2014/11/27 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG:
2014 Cloud Computing SIG Executive Cloud Forum
Cloud Adoption - Values Creations & Business Transformation
2014/03/05 雲端運算成功案例展示 - 《雲端運算案例分享》影片首播暨經驗分享會
2014/02/28 雲端運算成功案例展示 - 雲端運算介紹工作坊(二)
2014/02/18 Open Cloud Hong Kong Conference 2014 (Supporting Event)
2014/01/09 HKCS Enterprise Architecture SIG & Cloud Computing SIG: Site Visit and Speaker Session - GS1 HK Internet of Things (IoT) Center Tour
Year 2013
2013/12/05 雲端運算介紹工作坊
2013/10/10 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG: 2013 CCSIG Executive Cloud Forum - A Journey to the Cloud Adoption (Flagship Event)
2013/09/26 雲端運算案例分享:「善用雲端運算 增進企業競爭力」
2013/09/24 HKCS Enterprise Architecture SIG Speaker Session: Architecture and Practices on Cloud Interoperability and Portability (Co-hosted with EASIG)
2013/08/01 - 2013/08/03 18th International Education Technology Conference and Social Media 2013 (Supporting Event)
Year 2012
2012/12/14 1st Guangdong-Hong Kong Cloud Computing Conference 2012 cum the Launching of Guangdong-Hong Kong ICT Young Entrepreneur Programme (Supporting Event)
2012/12/06 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG: Executive Forum on Cloud Computing Adoption (Flagship Event)
2012/11/23 The SME Cloud Seminar:「如何選擇合適的雲端方案」 (Supporting Event)
2012/11/09 HKCS Co-organising Event: Smart Life in Cloud Computing Era - 2012 Global Entrepreneurship China. KIC China
2012/08/17 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG: The CCSIG Wine-Tasting Networking
2012/06/28 雲端。流動 - 如何推動另一波產業轉型 (Supporting Event)
2012/05/22 The SME Cloud Seminar:「雲端運算:為何要上?為何不上?」 (Supporting Event)
2012/04/12 HKCS HKSPIN Speaker's Meeting: Cloud Computing and Software Engineering Challenges (Co-hosted with HKSPIN)
2012/03/23 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG Seminar: Is Cloud Ready for Financial Services Industry?
2012/02/24 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG Site Visit: HK Data Center Tour-around
Year 2011
2011/11/10 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG Seminar: Education Cloud Pilot Experience Sharing
2011/10/28 HKCS Cloud Computing SIG: An Interview with Gartner Analyst Mr. Biswajeet Mahapatra on Cloud Computing


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