Benefits for Individual Members

Professional Status in the IT industry

  • HKCS Full Member / Fellow / Distinguished Fellow are eligible to register as:
    • An individual elector for Information Technology Functional Constituency (“FC”)
    • A voter in Information Technology Election Committee (“EC”) Subsector
  • Professional Member has the right to use the designated letters:
    • Distinguished Fellow – Distinguished FHKCS
    • Fellow – FHKCS
    • Full – MHKCS
    • Associate – AHKCS

ICT Intelligence

  • Bi-weekly e-Newsletter “What’s New @ HKCS”
  • Annual Report


  • Enjoy discount or free admission or priority to join HKCS activities that open to public including seminars, site visits, conference, etc.
  • Enjoy discount to seminars / conferences that are supported by HKCS.

Specialist Groups (SGs) and Clubs

  • Enjoy discount or free admission to HKCS Specialist Groups / Social Clubs.
  • Enjoy discount or free admission to the activities organized by SGs / Clubs.

Other Professional Bodies Membership

Exclusive Discount to Members

Benefits for Corporate Members

  • Other than joining HKCS activities, the 3 assigned representatives will receive the latest HKCS / industry news;
  • Special discount for company staff on joining specific activities which organised or supported by HKCS;
  • Company staff can enjoy 20% discount on HKCS annual membership fee;
  • Free job posting service on HKCS website;
  • Two company events per year will be promoted through HKCS e-newsletter and website to its members, depending on the event nature;
  • Special discount on posting advertisement on HKCS publications including annual report and e-newsletter;
  • Company name with its hyperlink to be listed on HKCS website under Corporate Members.