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Product Award - Certificate of Merit
-China Computer Consultants Ltd
2. ShaoLin Aptus 2.0
-ShaoLin Microsystems Limited

Submitted by China Computer Consultants Ltd

China Computer Consultants is based in Hong Kong. It specializes in developing Chinese software and providing professional consultancy services to the local market.

This product rapidly labels Chinese characters in a marked paragraph of text with their corresponding phonetic symbols, employing a user-friendly online interface that pays special attention to the proper alignment of the phonetic symbols. An online voice
function is also available to sound out the labeled paragraph. A classification function analyzes the pronunciation of each character, a task often required in Chinese
language examinations in Hong Kong.

In just one year, 4,000 copies have been sold to schools and a number of Government departments.

Judges' Comments:

"An interesting and useful solution ... completes the task in seconds rather than the hours required manually ...good product initiative and effort in technological deployment."

Product Award - Certificate of Merit
ShaoLin Aptus 2.0
Submitted by ShaoLin Microsystems Limited

An SME founded in 2000, ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. has already achieved global prominence in the creation and development of end-to-end Linux based software and solutions.

ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 is a middleware for Linux server to share its operating system and applications with client PC's over LAN. An intelligent union architecture (IUA) developed by the company allows server and multiple clients with mixed hardware configurations to share the same copy of operating system and applications. The stateless client-server connection design with client-based computing model allows continuous operation during server reboot or network disconnection and eliminating data loss.

Whatever the operating system of a PC, ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 can convert the PC into Aptus+Linux within two minutes without the need to repartition, wipe or modify hard disk content.

Judges' Comments:

"An innovative product, this allows end-users especially SMEs, to enjoy the benefits of Linux without having to worry over the technical issues ... we particularly admired the technology breakthroughs of compression file and virtual machine."

IT Excellence Awards(SMEs) - Product Award
Gold Award Bronze Award Certificate of Merit