IT Application Awards & IT Application (SME) Awards
IT Product Awards & IT Product (SME) Awards

This category of awards is given to professionals or organizations that have made a successful implementation of software into its business operations.
Functionality and Design:
Understanding and addressing user requirements of the operation
Easy to learn and use, well designed screen layout
Well accepted by the user, meet or exceed user required service level
Good quality of work, reliable, efficient and adequate user support
Versatile in catering to operational efficiency and providing a path for work re-engineering
Good deployment of current technologies to enhance the maintainability of the system
Expandable to meet changing business requirement without major modifications
Use of the software to formulate productivity strategy
Productivity gain after implementation
Competitive edge over others in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
Implementation as measured by cost versus effort
Improvement in business performance
Enhancing the competitive edge over others
Critical functional and by feature comparison with similar applications
Cost Performance:
Cost savings
Contribution to revenue
Return on investment
Social Impact:
Discovering an under-served sector and/or opening up a new service area
Direct benefit to the target user sector
Enhancing the public awareness of the uses of IT
Stimulating the interest of innovation for similar applications
Transforming the industry
Innovative use of IT:
Credit should be given to company with sound, executable and proven business model, in which IT is a key enabler (e.g. some eCommerce companies).


This category is directed towards IT companies who have produced products for the general market.
Functionality and Design:
Understanding and addressing user requirements in the target industry
Easy to set up, learn and use
Quality of work, reliability, screen layout and presentation
Simple and versatile in catering to operational efficiency and in providing a path for work re-engineering
Scalable enough to suit user organizations of various sizes
Interoperability with other systems to provide an integrated service
First of its kind in Hong Kong, the region, or the world
Effective deployment and integration of available resources or technologies
Appropriate cost/benefit ratio in terms of the R & D expenditure
The possibility of a breakthrough in an upgraded version or any plans to develop an upgrade
Clear differentiation vs. competitive products if any
Market Performance:
Reasonable sales figures in the last 12 months, market share and penetration
Projected sales figures for the coming 12 months and marketing strategy
Sound marketing plan with clear target segment, competitive analysis and established sales channel
Cost Effectiveness:
Potential to improve cost effectiveness of business processes
Generation of higher added-value to business users
Social Impact:
Satisfying customer needs that were previously not possible or had been unmet.