IT Application Awards:
  These awards commend successful and effective in-house applications of IT. The competitive advantages of company products or services are highlighted in particular. The selection criteria focus on in-house services that have brought demonstrable improvements in functionality, productivity, competitiveness, cost performance and/or have made a favourable societal impact. Target users must be based primarily in Hong Kong although the scope of the project may have regional or world-wide significance.
IT Product Awards:
  These awards are granted in recognition of outstanding achievements in technological innovations. The selection criteria are based on software product functionality, technical innovation, market performance and societal benefits. This includes any acceptance and/or increased understanding of information technology by the community.

This award stream is exclusive for the SMEs in Hong Kong. Manufacturing companies with less than 100 employees or servicing companies with less than 50 employees are regarded as SMEs. (For definition of SMEs, please visit )

There are two categories of awards:
IT Application (SME) Awards and IT Product (SME) Awards

The selection criteria will be similar to that of the IT Application Awards and IT Product Awards described above.

Gold, silver and bronze awards will be presented in each stream. Nevertheless, the awards will be granted at the sole discretion of the Panel of Judges. They may be withheld for any category in one or all of the award streams.