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Product Award - Bronze Award
1. Go.Exchange: Real Time Brokerage System Ltd
2. Library Master 5.0AI ¡V Intelligent Library System
-5 Dimensions Ltd

Go.Exchange: Real Time Brokerage System
Submitted by Ltd

2GoTrade is a leading provider of mission-critical technology and services for the financial market in Hong Kong. Its leading edge "Go.Exchange" and ASP services "Go.Exchange VS" are designed to provide the local brokerage industry with the ultimate user experience and best value proposition.

Go.Exchange suite of E2E applications offers "best-in-class" profit generating functionality and ease of use for every user, from AI based market intelligence and STP for investors and traders, to real time risk management, compliance, processing, clearing and settlement workflows for automated back office operation.

Go.Exchange innovation includes 2GOTM UDA real time architecture for simultaneous data flows among all mobile, web, and front to back applications; single click, "look to fill" sub-second direct to market trading & settlement; real time risk engine across all accounts and portfolios; embedded autonomic (self fixing) S/W; and Go.Exchange VS
service bureau and brokerage network.

Judges' Comments:

"An SME well placed to support both SME stockbrokers and larger enterprises ... comprehensive and complete... well received by the company's clients... encouraging market performance in the face of the present economic situation."

Application Award - Bronze Award
Library Master 5.0AI ¡V Intelligent Library System
Submitted by 5 Dimensions Ltd

Established in 1997, 5 Dimensions Ltd. provides a range of IT solutions to multinational enterprises, SMEs and educational organizations. The company now serves more than 1,000 clients.

Library Master 5.0AI is a highly innovative Intelligent Library System which provides a fully personalized and interactive library services to patrons including an automatic personalized book recommendation service, intelligent reading scheme tracking function and "Knowledge Billionaire" game. Library Master 5.0AI also provides useful administrative tools including book circulation, cataloguing, bar-code production, library card production, reports and statistics, stock take, acquisitions and periodicals.

Since its launch four years ago, Library Master has been installed in over 50% of the primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. It is also widely adopted by large enterprises, government departments and religious organisations in Hong Kong. In addition, the Library Master series has already accounted for 20% of the market share among schools in Macau and is well received by the education sector in Taiwan.

Judges' Comments:

"A full range of tools for librarians and library users ... we applaud the way in which this product encourages reading and library use ...simple but very effective and practical."

IT Excellence Awards(SMEs) - Product Award
Gold Award Bronze Award Certificate of Merit