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Product Award - Silver Award
Roy Mark Easy Online
Submitted by Roy Mark (Asia) Ltd

The core business of Roy Mark (Asia) Ltd is stamp production, artwork design, film production, business printing and similar value-added services. The company was founded in 1993 and currently employs fewer than 50 staff.

Roy Mark Easy Online is an online order/stock/price system for internal and external users that Roy Mark has developed and implemented to bring significant benefits to both internal staff and external customers. The Web based portal at greatly streamlines the operational flow found in traditional printing. The system's information management module permits the management of
stock, prices, clients, commission and online ordering workflow.

The ordering operation is reduced from nine to two steps. Final production can take place without the need to produce costly and time consuming samples since an accurate image of the stamp, business card or similar product can be viewed by the end user on the Internet. Online ordering functionality is further supported by the capability for customers to access their past orders.

Judges' Comments:

"A simple but effective application which shows clearly how an SME can readily blend industry knowledge with information technology to stay competitive in a very challenging market. The preview function is particularly worthy of note."