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Product Award - Silver Award
CASSOS: Computer-Assisted Simulation System for Orthognathic Surgery
Submitted by SoftEnable Technology Limited

CASSOS is a first of its kind in surgical simulation software product developed in Hong Kong and includes comprehensive medical records and image management functions of specific relevance to orthognathic surgery - surgery in which the bones of the face are manipulated to restore proper anatomic and functional relationship in patients with dentofacial bone anomalies.

An integrated and highly interactive system operating on a cost-effective PC Windows platform, CASSOS offers customizable lateral and frontal cephalometric analysis, surgical planning and soft tissue change prediction for orthodontic and orthognathic maxillofacial

CASSOS saves time for surgeons, brings high accuracy to the task of facial construction and enhances patients-doctors communications. Its specially developed algorithm is at the heart of the first ever simulation system in Asia for orthognathic surgeries. CASSOS has been adopted by major hospitals in Hong Kong, China, South Asian and European

Judges' Comments:

"The multidisciplinary team includes software engineers, animators, and multimedia experts ... reinforced by the collection of large amounts of medical data from the world's universities ...competes very successfully because of the advanced technologies employed and a database covering a variety of racial types."

IT Excellence Awards - Product Award
Gold Award Silver Award Certificate of Merit