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The HKICC is an annual event organised by the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS). Its goal is to bring together IT professionals and business and government leaders from all over the world to explore the opportunities that information technology can offer, sharing successes and insight. More than 500 delegates attended last year's conference, representing a variety of local and overseas public and private sector organisations.

It is evident that the world is moving rapidly towards knowledge intensive societies thanks to the boost from the creation of a low cost, high speed broadband internet connection. Today, global access to the Internet soared exponentially to 1.8 billion users and instant global dissemination of knowledge is made possible by information technologies. Knowledge, in the knowledge economy, is the source of value. The way that people use and deploy knowledge lies at the heart of value creation. Therefore, the questions we need to ask ourselves are: How knowledge is converted into value? Has Hong Kong got what it takes to deliver sustainable value in the global knowledge economy? Through the HKICC2011, we aim to bring together experts’ views and thoughts around these questions, with the aim of identifying and executing solutions to the challenge facing Hong Kong, making this Asia’s world city thrive and prosper in the knowledge economy.

This year, the conference’ plenary sessions and discussion panels will include presentation on IT Service Delivery, Business in Knowledge Management Environment, Mobile Lifestyle and the Power of Social Media, ICT Collaboration in Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region, and ICT Talent Cultivation and Development, as they are significant areas worthy of our immediate scrutiny and proactive response with continued, concerted efforts.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, CIOs, MIS Managers, Operation Managers, Marketing Managers and Executives from the governments, IT companies, international corporations and anyone interested in benefiting from a thriving ICT industry.


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