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Message from HKCS President & Conference Chairpersons

Mr. Michael Leung Kin-man

President, Hong Kong Computer Society
Chief Information & Operations Officer, China CITIC Bank International Limited

On behalf of the Hong Kong Computer Society, I would like to welcome all delegates attending to the Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2016. With 39 years of successful history, the Conference provides an interactive platform for both local and international ICT industry leaders, academia and government, and representatives from the public and private sectors, to exchange their views on emerging IT trends and best practices in the digital world.

Collaboration, which used to be on the sidelines of the business agenda, is now at the center of our quest of finding how our economy and society can best move forward in the hyper-connected world of the future. With the theme "Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy", the Conference consists of multiple keynote sessions from high-profile speakers, both local and overseas, including prominent and seasoned IT and business professionals and government officials, where delegates will acquire first-hand intelligence and explore proven successful cases which support the requirements of today’s disruptive and transformational digital economy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Organising Committee and the Programme Committee, and to the staff members of the HKCS for their hard work and important contributions toward the success of HKICC 2016. I would also like to extend my deep appreciation to our speakers and panelists, for sharing their valuable experience, knowledge and insights. To our sponsors, our thanks too for your invaluable support toward making this great occasion happen.

Dr CHEUNG Ngai Tseung

Chairperson of Organising Committee, HKICC 2016
Head of Information Technology and Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Hospital Authority

It has been my great honour to serve as the Chairperson of HKICC 2016 Organizing Committee. It is no trivial undertaking to organize the flagship annual event of the HKCS, but the dedication and enthusiasm of my fellow Committee members and other supporting colleagues made it an efficient and pleasurable job. I would especially like to thank the corporate sponsors who generously stepped up despite difficult times; without this financial support HKICC 2016 could not have been.

“Innovation”, “Collaboration” and “Connected Economy” are the key words for this year’s conference. This reflects the increasing ability of ICT to bring people and sectors together, as well as to link the digital and physical realms. In industry, business and the public sector, an understanding of these abilities and technologies is no longer optional, and indeed mastery of them may be the key to success.

The Programme Committee has worked long and hard to put together an impressive smorgasbord of learning covering a wide range of topics this year. I trust that our expert speakers and panelists will inspire and inform, and help you in your quest for understanding and mastery of the latest trends in ICT.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Professor Patrick Y.K. Chau

Chairperson of Programme Committee, HKICC 2016
Director of the School of Business, The University of Hong Kong
Padma and Hari Harilela Professor in Strategic Information Management 

On behalf of the Programme Committee of the HKICC 2016, it is my great honour and pleasure to welcome you to this year’s HKICC. The theme of the Conference is “Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy”.

As highlighted in the book “The Sharing Economy”, recently published by the MIT Press, the unprecedented advancement of IT in the past five years has disrupted, and continue s to disrupt m not just a host of industries but also people from all walks of life in our society. “Innovation”, “collaboration” and “connected economy” are key terms or phrases we see and come across very often in different media and channels, online or offline. This year’s HKICC focuses on important issues and topics with this perspective in mind. They include Partnership Ecosystem for Startup, Societal Enhancement, Transformation al and Disruptive Business Model, Digital Ledger Implementation, Opportunities in Industry 4.0, and Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Privacy. Prominent and seasoned IT and business professionals, plus government officials, local and overseas, are invited to speak at the Conference. We are confident that the platform provided can generate valuable knowledge exchange and insightful discussions for every participant of the Conference.

Once again, I welcome you and your participation in HKICC 2016.

Message from Guest of Honour

Mr Nicholas W. Yang, JP

Secretary for Innovation and Technology

Messages from Honoured Guests

The Hon
LEUNG Chun-Ying,

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administration Region

Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP

Chief Secretary for Administration, The Government of the HKSAR

The Hon John
TSANG Chun-wah,

Financial Secretary, The Government of the HKSAR

IR Allen Yeung Tak-bun

Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, The Government of the HKSAR

Mr. Cheuk Wing Hing, JP

Permanent Secretary for Innovation & Technology Bureau, The Government of HKSAR

The HON Charles Peter Mok, JP

Legislative Councilor (Information Technology), The Government of the HKSAR

Messages from Distinguished Fellow

Prof. Daniel Lai, BBS, JP

Past President & Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

The annual Hong Kong International Computer Conference (HKICC) has become one of the most prominent and popular events for the information and communications technology (ICT) community in Hong Kong. Its popularity and distinction is founded on being a conference designed and organized by, and for the ICT professionals, practitioners, academia, and business executives. HKICCs focus on technology, its application and impact, and provide an excellent platform and forum for sharing of experiences and insights.

The theme of this year’s conference “Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy” is very timely and appropriate for Hong Kong’s current status and progress. I note that the Programme Committee has put together a very rich programme with strong line-up of local and international speakers and panelists. I am sure that the delegates will greatly benefit from the sharing by distinguished speakers and the opportunities for networking. I wish the Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2016 another great success!

Ir. TSE Si Yin John

Past President & Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

Let me send my warmest congratulations to the Organising Committee of HKICC, the HKCS and all members upon the 39th Anniversary of the founding in 1978 of HKICC (renamed from HKCC). Over the years, the Society has lived up to its status as one of the three earliest leading professional learned institutions for the ICT professionals in Hong Kong. In 1980 it then became the most influential with its contributions and the expansion of membership from 850 to over 1700. In 1984 we completed an important milestone for our international status when we hosted the South East Asia Regional Computer Conference (SEARCC) following our successful bid in 1980. Before the restoration of sovereignty of Hong Kong by China in 1997, the HKCS had well prepared for this through the “One conference, Two cities” with the extension of the HK Computer Conference to the HK International Computer Conference in 1993. Based on its contributions to the “One country, Two systems” in the field of ICT in the past 19 years, the Society and its HKICC will further sustain its role in furthering its support to both the role of ICT professionals in the IT Functional Constituency and the HKSAR role of complementing the “13-5” (2016-2022) China National Strategic Plan and the “One Belt, One Road” international economic initiative of China. Together the HKCS and its members will continue to sustain our contributions to the HK ICT industry and the status of the ICT profession.

Ir. Dr. Louis C.K. Ma

Director, School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) City University of Hong Kong
Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

I am delighted to express my warmest congratulations to the Hong Kong Computer Society on organizing the 39th Hong Kong International Computer Conference (HKICC 2016). HKICC has become an annual flagship event for the IT community since the 1st HKCC in 1978 (renamed to HKICC in 1994). The conference theme “Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy” reflects the tremendous emerging opportunities for forward-looking organizations to leverage on the disruptive technologies and transformational business models to change the operating characteristics, competitive forces, as well as industry structure and collaborative partnership in various industries/sectors. I wish HKICC 2016 every success!

Ir Sunny LEE, JP

Vice-President (Administration), City University of Hong Kong 
Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the Hong Kong Computer Society on staging the Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2016 (HKICC 2016). HKICC has been an annual international flagship event for sharing achievements, insights, and opportunities in ICT. This year, HKICC 2016 will again bring together ICT professionals, industry leaders and business executives locally, from Mainland China and overseas, to share and exchange latest ideas, best practices and innovations. HKICC 2016, with its theme “Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy”, will lead us to explore how business opportunities and competitive advantages can be enhanced through technology-enabled links among people, devices and business in today’s connected economy. This conference will also provide a unique knowledge exchange platform for experts and participants to share their visions and wisdom on how ICT advancement can catalyze innovative collaboration for the connected economy. With great enthusiasm, I look forward to this inspiring conference and to meeting many ICT movers and shakers. Wishing you all an enjoyable and rewarding conference at HKICC 2016!

Professor YB Yeung

Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

Congratulations to the Hong Kong Computer Society for another great year of promoting ICT in Hong Kong and overseas.  We have seen rapid development in ICT technology in recent years, such as Cloud Computing and FinTech.  Through its Special Interest Groups and various events, Hong Kong Computer Society has fulfilled the very important mission of bringing the ICT professionals together in Hong Kong and promoting the use of ICT in the Hong Kong society.  Job well done! 

Ir Sunny LEE, JP

Distinguished Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society

The Hong Kong International Computer Conference has been the most prestigious annual ICT event in Hong Kong and our neighbouring region for the last four decades. This year, HKICC2016 has adopted the challenging theme “Innovative Collaboration for the Connected Economy”. In the face of rapidly-evolving connected economy, there are ample opportunities for the ICT professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise in assisting Hong Kong to open up avenues for growth generation and compete successfully in the new era of digital revolution. Competition in the connected economy is very keen and necessitates innovative thinking and collaborations to explore the opportunities and arrive at innovations that will not only help the business sector but also the community as a whole. It is of paramount importance for the ICT community to work hard together to demonstrate our ICT excellence and embrace the new and emerging Next Generation ICT technologies and applications to tap the opportunities for growth in the connected economy. Over the last four decades, the HKICC has time and again provided an excellent platform to bring together ICT professionals to facilitate knowledge-exchange and experience- sharing on the latest technology innovations. The conference this year should be no exception and will provide ample opportunities for interactions and sharing. I congratulate the Hong Kong Computer Society and its Conference and Programme Organising Committees for staging the HKICC2016. I wish HKICC2016 every success.

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