In recent times and for the imminent future, large corporate, SMEs, and government bodies of many economies globally are facing challenges to operate in a volatile economy. In such fast changing environment, where information and knowledge are key elements to manage risks and create opportunities, ICT has emerged as one of the strategic weapons to fight for survival and to provide the cutting edge in fierce competition. With the continuous fast evolution of technology, knowledge and information are becoming more readily available and accessible. On the other hand, the technology evolution also creates changes in the ethnic and political values affecting our daily living. Issues such as data security and data privacy, cross economy compliances to local regulation and laws etc. are some of the examples that need to be addressed when developing and providing services within a knowledge based economy.

The Hong Kong ICC2012 aims to provide a platform whereby all the key personnel such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and CIOs from the region get together to share their experience, and learn from the experts so that they can be well equipped for future challenges. The conference will offer plenary sessions and discussion panels for experts to share with us the Key Trends and Issues. Other major topics to be covered will include Cloud Computing, Data Centre, Big Data and Social Media Enterprise.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, CIOs, MIS Managers, Operation Managers, Marketing Managers and Executives from the governments, IT companies, international corporations and anyone interested in benefiting from a thriving ICT industry.


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