FinTech SG (FTSG)-x


  • To promote the FinTech Industry in Hong Kong;
  • To provide advisory and feedback to Government and other stakeholders on the policies and practices of FinTech in Hong Kong;
  • To conduct and participate in market nurturing activities, including but not limited to, hosting and/or supporting/organizing forum, conference, and summits;
  • To act as a professional body in representing FinTech participants to the community, including media;
  • To collaborate and link up other FinTech industry supporting bodies, including complimenting supporting partners
  • To be a catalyst for innovation through thought leadership
  • To be a platform for Society’s members to collaborate, discuss and experience sharing on the topic of Fintech

Committee Members

RoleNameCompany Name
Convenor:Mr. Frazer LamChina CITIC Bank International
EXCO Member:Mr. Raymond Chan9F International Holdings Ltd.
EXCO Member:Mr. Benedict Lau
Bank Of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.
EXCO Member:Mr. Terence Lo
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)
EXCO Member:Ms. Christy So
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.
EXCO Member:Mr. Francis WongFlexSystem Ltd.

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