Mr. Fred Sheu, MHKCS 許遵發先生

Director of Policy & Communications 政策及聯繫總監

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

As National Technology Officer at Microsoft Hong Kong, Fred Sheu supports policy decision and delivers technologically relevant and scalable solutions into Hong Kong market. His main objectives are to align IT value propositions to public policies in such areas as healthcare, education, the environment, and local social and economic development; and to promote a digital agenda in top policy areas, including innovation, security and privacy, technology neutrality, accessibility, and interoperability.

Prior to Microsoft, Fred worked with Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise where he was the General Manager of Software for HPE Hong Kong. Fred is an active veteran in Hong Kong ICT industry, he serves in councils of Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), itSMF Hong Kong Chapter and the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF).

Fred graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hon) degree.

許遵發為Microsoft 香港有限公司之區域科技長,負責制定政策及將科技相關和可擴展的方案帶進香港市場,並銳意將資訊科技的價值積極配合如療保健、教育、環境及本地社會和經濟發展等方面的公共政策,以促進重點政策範疇的數碼進程,包括創意、保安和隱私、技術中立性、可達性及交互操作性等。

在出任此職前,許氏為惠普企業公司 (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) 香港區的軟件部門總監。許氏在香港ICT行業資歷甚廣,為香港電腦學會、itSMF Hong Kong Chapter 及香港訊息科技協進會的理事會會員。