Mr. Francis Ngai, MHKCS 魏已倡先生

Director of Professional & Career Development 專業及事業發展總監

General Manager, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited

Francis Ngai is General Manager of IBM China/Hong Kong Limited, overseeing IBM’s business operations and strategic development in Hong Kong. He leads the company to assist clients to transform and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities particularly around IBM Watson/AI and the cloud platform in the AI era.

Prior to assuming his current role in May 2017, Francis was Executive Assistant to the Chairman, IBM Greater China Group, as well as Director, Commercial Business, IBM Greater China Group.

Francis was an acknowledged transformation leader in his role as Commercial Business Di-rector. He integrated the Digital Sales and Commercial workforce while achieving significant business growth for consecutive quarters. Swift, Sharp and Agile (SSA) were always his advocacy in Commercial Business.

Before he took up his Commercial Business Director role in March 2015, he had been Non-IBM Competitive Accounts Leader, IBM Greater China Group, Commercial Business Executive and Public, Distribution and Communications Sectors Executive for IBM Hong Kong. He also had been Enterprise Systems Manager and Sales in the Public and Health Sector for more than eight years before his executive leadership roles with a strong track record of success.

Francis first joined IBM in 1987 from campus recruitment from The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Sales Representative. He left IBM for EMC for four years in 2000 and rejoined the company in 2004.

Francis has been an active participant in Hong Kong community. He is a Fund Allocation Committee member in the Community Chest and a member of the Innovation and Information Management Programme Advisory Board of Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong. He is also an advisory member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee for Master’s Degree Programs for Business School, and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Committee of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

魏已倡自二零一七年五月起擔任國際商業機器中國香港有限公司總經理,掌管IBM於香港區的業務及策略性發展。魏氏領導IBM香港轉型為認知方案及雲運算平台公司,致力以IBM Watson方案協助客戶轉型,在人工智能年代中緊握增長機遇。

出任現職前,魏已倡為 IBM 大中華地區董事長陳黎明的行政助理以及大中華地區工商企業部總監。魏氏是公認的轉型領袖,擔任工商企業部總監時,他帶領整合數位營銷及工商企業部門資源,取得出色的業務增長,而迅速、敏銳、敏捷 (Swift,Sharp 和 Agile, SSA)是他倡導的團隊文化。



除IBM現職外,魏氏熱心公益,他是香港公益金入會,預算及分配委員會委員,香港電腦學會理事會成員,亦是香港大學經濟及工商管理學院創新及資訊管理學課程顧問委員會委員。此外,魏氏亦擔任香港中文大學工商管理學院Curriculum Advisory Committee for Master’s Degree Programs諮詢委員會委員、以及系統工程與工程管理學諮詢委員會委員。