Mr. Andy C. C. Bien, MHKCS 卞家振先生

Vice President (External Engagement) 副會長(對外事務)

Chief Information Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Currently the Chief Information Officer of Airport Authority Hong Kong, Mr Andy Bien has been in the Information Technology (IT) industry for over 30 years. He is responsible for the strategic planning and provisioning of IT services to Hong Kong International Airport and its community. He is also active in community works to promote IT industry development, green IT, innovation and talent cultivation.

Trained as an engineer, Mr Bien’s technical expertise spans from hardware design, software development to lectureship in tertiary institution. He has extensive business and management experience in the finance, telecommunication, logistics, transportation and aviation industries.

Mr Bien obtained his BSc Degree (Hons) in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada and MSc Degree in Communication Engineering from Imperial College, University of London.



卞先生於加拿大Queen’s University(皇后大學)取得電腦工程學(榮譽)理學學士學位,並於英國Imperial College, University of London(倫敦大學帝國學院)取得通訊工程學理學碩士學位。