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14-05-2017FACE Charity Walk x Family Fun Day Raising Funds for The Women’s Foundation “Girls Go Tech Programme”
FACE 慈善行暨家庭同樂日 籌款支持婦女基金會「Girls Go Tech 計劃」
05-04-2017In response to ICAC arresting 72 for allegedly engaging in corrupt conduct of vote-rigging in the Information Technology Functional Constituency (ITFC) of the 2016 Legislative Council (LegCo) Election Reactive Media Statement
31-03-2017Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017: Best Business Solution Award Result Announcement
22-03-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Newly Launched IT LEadership Accelerator Platform (iLEAP)
11-03-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Survey Reveals Extensive Gap between Employers and IT Talent on career expectations
12-12-2016Triumphant return for Hong Kong Delegation with 10 awards from Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2016
香港代表團榮獲 10 個奬項 從「2016 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎」凱旋而歸
23-11-2016Hong Kong Computer Society confers honorary title of Distinguished Fellow upon Professor Roland Chin at 46th Anniversary Dinner
21-11-2016Hong Kong Computer Society Survey Reveals Local Business Opportunities Presented by the ‘Connected Economy’
香港電腦學會公佈最新調查結果 揭示「互聯經濟」為香港所帶來的機遇
21-11-2016Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2016 Commences
16-08-2016Shanghai - Hong Kong - Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp 2016 Concludes with Great Success
「2016滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」圓滿結束
26-06-2016Robocon 2016 Hong Kong Contest inspires students’ creativity in robotic technology to address today’s global energy challenge
20-04-2016FinTech: Disruptive or Complimentary? Finding the Fintech Niche for HK
12-04-2016Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016: Best Business Solution Award Hong Kong Computer Society Awarded 12 Outstanding Enterprises with 14 awards
「2016 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」香港電腦學會頒發 14 個獎項 表揚業界傑出企業
02-04-2016HKCS IT Career Expo 2016 Attracting over 1,000 admissions for the latest news of IT industry development
香港電腦學會 IT 職業博覽 2016 吸引過千名入場人士 支持 IT 行業
13-01-2016Policy Address 2016 discloses upcoming direction of Hong Kong’s ICT industry
2016 年施政報告反映政府日漸著重資訊及通訊科技發展
10-04-2015“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best Business Solution Award” Presentation Ceremony
25-02-20162016 – 2017 Budget in support of Hong Kong’s ICT development Hong Kong Computer Society looks forward to measures and initiatives
2016/17 年度財政預算案鼓勵香港資訊及通訊科技發展香港電腦學會期待相關配套措施
10-12-2015APICTA 2015 Celebratory Luncheon Hong Kong delegates sweeps regional ICT podium with 10 awards
09-12-2015Hong Kong Computer Society Announces Winners of Outstanding ICT Achiever Awards 2015 and Outstanding ICT Women Awards 2015 Honoring Excellence in the ICT Industry and Promoting Professional Development
香港電腦學會頒發 29 項本地資訊及通訊科技獎以表揚業界傑出人才
26-11-2015Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2015 #digital_economy – Powered by Innovation
22-11-2015Hong Kong delegates continue to top global stage Attaining 10 awards in the APICTA Awards 2015
香港代表團再度成為國際性大賽贏家囊括「亞太資訊及通訊科技大奬」10 項殊榮
09-11-2015Hong Kong Computer Society Congratulates the Establishment of Innovation and Technology Bureau
25-02-2015The 2015-16 Budget suggested favorable measures for ICT development HKCS appreciates and is eager to assist
2015/16 年度財政預算案提出具體方案促進資訊科技界發展香港電腦學會欣見政府所作出之努力 樂於作出相關配合
15-09-2009HKCS invites applications for HKICT Awards 2009: Best Business Award New stream introduced for start-up companies