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10-05-2019Hong Kong Computer Society Elected New Council Members
Continue to Strive for Council Development through its Five Core Values
Taking Professional Development, Young IT Talent Cultivation and Society Caring Through IT as Priorities

專業發展人才、培育青少年 IT 人材、推動以科技建設經濟為首要工作

4-4-2019Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Business Award
Recognises Ten Outstanding Talents for their Creative ICT Solutions
With Four Award Streams Covering Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise, Solution for SME, Big Data and Open Data Applications and Information Security

11-03-2019Hong Kong Computer Society Announces IT Industry Employment and Salary Trend Survey Results
ICT Professionals in 80% Companies enjoy a Pay Rise, Over 70% at over 4%
44% ICT Graduates Earned more than 16K; Nearly 35% got 20% pay raise by 3 years

香港電腦學會公佈香港ICT行業就業及薪酬趨勢調查結果 ICT好景.今年8成從業員有薪加,當中逾7成人增幅4%以上跑贏通脈
44% ICT畢業生起薪逾萬六.3成半人三年內加薪逾20%

27-02-2019HKCS’s Feedback to the 2019 Budget:
Supporting the Government to Devote More Attention to Innovation and Technology for Driving Economic Growth
Attract and Nurture More IT Talents to Support the Development of the Industry
February 27, 2019, Hong Kong

香港電腦學會回應財政預算案 2019:
24-12-2018HKCS: A Year in Review, 2018 - This year has been a fruitful year for Hong Kong Computer Society and ICT industry.
07-12-2018Hong Kong Computer Society-FACE Club Step Challenge Award Gained $_70,000___ to Support “Girls Go Tech” Program of Women’s Foundation
香港電腦學會FACE Club「競步挑戰賽2018」圓滿結束
共籌得善款港幣$__70,000___支持婦女基金會「Girls Go Tech」項目
06-11-2018The Hong Kong Computer Society Announces Results of "Survey on Hong Kong IT Industry Investment in Greater Bay Area "
14-10-2018Hong Kong Computer Society Leads Hong Kong ICT Delegation to Glory –
Records Breaking and Biggest Number of Winners in Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2018 (APICTA)
with 6 Winners and 13 Merits

10-10-2018HKCS's Remarks on the October 2018 Policy Address by Mrs Carrie Lam, CE of HKSAR
24-09-2018Hong Kong Computer Society expresses sorrow over passing of
Distinguished Fellow Professor Charles Kao
08-08-2018Hong Kong Youngster Netsurfing Behaviour Survey Result
15-6-2018 Hong Kong Computer Society Elected New Council Members
16-4-2018 Students Invited to Explore “Lives Smart Living” in Shanghai At “Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp 2018” this July
「2018 滬港 台青少年 IT IT IT 夏令營」 7月底上海舉行 鼓勵滬港青少年活用最新IT科技開創「智慧服務生活」
29-3-2018 Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018: Smart Business Award Recognises Outstanding Talents for their Creative ICT Solutions
2018 香港資訊及通訊科技獎「商業方案獎」創科精英脫穎而出表揚創意商業方案
1-3-2018Hong Kong Computer Society’s Response to the 2018-2019 Budget: Innovation and Technology Is Reaffirmed As An Economic Driver In the New Era
樂見政府重視創新科技提升香港競爭力 香港電腦學會就 2018 財政預算案的回應
30-1-2018Hong Kong Computer Society Announces the Consolidation of Seven Special Interest Groups into Four Specialist Groups
19-1-2018Hong Kong Computer Society Organised an IT Exchange Tour in Beijing
香港電腦學會 23 成員完成訪京行程
12-12-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Leads Hong Kong ICT Delegation to Victory – Biggest Winner in Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2017 (APICTA) with 4 Winners and 5 Merits
香港電腦學會帶領香港科技界參加亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎2017 取得4個大獎及5個優異獎成為今屆比賽大贏家
09-11-2017Hong Kong Students Win First and Third Prizes in International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2017 (InnoServe 2017)
07-11-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Announces its Support towards Helping HK Enterprises Capitalise on the Belt and Road Initiative through Digital Innovation at its Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2017
香港國際電腦會議40周年「創新.機遇.一帶一路」 培育本地科技人才 把握一帶一路新機遇
12-10-2017Hong Kong Computer Society’s Remarks on the October 2017 Policy Address by Mrs Carrie Lam, CE of HKSAR
14-05-2017FACE Charity Walk x Family Fun Day Raising Funds for The Women’s Foundation “Girls Go Tech Programme”
FACE 慈善行暨家庭同樂日 籌款支持婦女基金會「Girls Go Tech 計劃」
05-04-2017In response to ICAC arresting 72 for allegedly engaging in corrupt conduct of vote-rigging in the Information Technology Functional Constituency (ITFC) of the 2016 Legislative Council (LegCo) Election Reactive Media Statement
31-03-2017Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017: Best Business Solution Award Result Announcement
22-03-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Newly Launched IT LEadership Accelerator Platform (iLEAP)
11-03-2017Hong Kong Computer Society Survey Reveals Extensive Gap between Employers and IT Talent on career expectations
12-12-2016Triumphant return for Hong Kong Delegation with 10 awards from Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2016
香港代表團榮獲 10 個奬項 從「2016 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎」凱旋而歸
23-11-2016Hong Kong Computer Society confers honorary title of Distinguished Fellow upon Professor Roland Chin at 46th Anniversary Dinner
21-11-2016Hong Kong Computer Society Survey Reveals Local Business Opportunities Presented by the ‘Connected Economy’
香港電腦學會公佈最新調查結果 揭示「互聯經濟」為香港所帶來的機遇
21-11-2016Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2016 Commences
16-08-2016Shanghai - Hong Kong - Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp 2016 Concludes with Great Success
「2016滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」圓滿結束
21-07-20162016 Shanghai - Hong Kong - Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp Officially Launched
「2016滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」正式展開
26-06-2016Robocon 2016 Hong Kong Contest inspires students’ creativity in robotic technology to address today’s global energy challenge
20-04-2016FinTech: Disruptive or Complimentary? Finding the Fintech Niche for HK
12-04-2016Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016: Best Business Solution Award Hong Kong Computer Society Awarded 12 Outstanding Enterprises with 14 awards
「2016 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」香港電腦學會頒發 14 個獎項 表揚業界傑出企業
02-04-2016HKCS IT Career Expo 2016 Attracting over 1,000 admissions for the latest news of IT industry development
香港電腦學會 IT 職業博覽 2016 吸引過千名入場人士 支持 IT 行業
08-03-2016March 8 Special Report: Hong Kong Computer Society FACE Club Outstanding ICT Women Awards Shines the spotlight on female professionals in a male-dominated industry
三八婦女節特輯報導 香港電腦學會 FACE Club「資訊及通訊科技傑出女仕獎」 於男性主導行業彰顯女性專業貢獻
25-02-20162016 – 2017 Budget in support of Hong Kong’s ICT development Hong Kong Computer Society looks forward to measures and initiatives
2016/17 年度財政預算案鼓勵香港資訊及通訊科技發展香港電腦學會期待相關配套措施
13-01-2016Policy Address 2016 discloses upcoming direction of Hong Kong’s ICT industry
2016 年施政報告反映政府日漸著重資訊及通訊科技發展
10-12-2015APICTA 2015 Celebratory Luncheon Hong Kong delegates sweeps regional ICT podium with 10 awards
09-12-2015Hong Kong Computer Society Announces Winners of Outstanding ICT Achiever Awards 2015 and Outstanding ICT Women Awards 2015 Honoring Excellence in the ICT Industry and Promoting Professional Development
香港電腦學會頒發 29 項本地資訊及通訊科技獎以表揚業界傑出人才
26-11-2015Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2015 #digital_economy – Powered by Innovation
22-11-2015Hong Kong delegates continue to top global stage Attaining 10 awards in the APICTA Awards 2015
香港代表團再度成為國際性大賽贏家囊括「亞太資訊及通訊科技大奬」10 項殊榮
09-11-2015Hong Kong Computer Society Congratulates the Establishment of Innovation and Technology Bureau
03-11-2015Winners of Hong Kong Computer Society’ First-ever Hackathon Travels to Computing Conference Hong Kong’s Top Student Programmers Gain Traction on ICT Development and Start-up Landscape
首屆 Hackathon 優勝者獲邀出席阿里巴巴年度盛事匯聚傑出大專 IT 人才 擴闊科創視野
26-09-2015香港電腦學會 IT 職業博覽 2015 吸引過千名青年人參與,鼓勵加入 IT 行業
16-07-2015HKCS established mentorship programmes with significant organisation/institutions an effort to sustain the ICT talent ecosystem
02-07-2015The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and Hong Kong Computer Society join forces to enhance professional training for banking and financial services industry
17-06-2015Hong Kong Computer Society’s FACE Club Opens Submission for the First Women Awards of the ICT Industry
10-04-2015“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best Business Solution Award” Presentation Ceremony
23-03-2015The first female organization in the local ICT industry is newly formed
26-02-2015智取奧斯卡最佳改編劇本獎 《解碼遊戲》群星慕名齊撐首映
25-02-2015The 2015-16 Budget suggested favorable measures for ICT development HKCS appreciates and is eager to assist
2015/16 年度財政預算案提出具體方案促進資訊科技界發展香港電腦學會欣見政府所作出之努力 樂於作出相關配合
29-01-2015Newly founded Financial Technologies Special Interest Group HKCS facilitate the sustainable growth of local financial service companies
金融科技專題組正式成立 香港電腦學會促進本地金融企業的持續增長
22-01-2015HKCS urge the Government and the Legco to pass the funding request for Innovation and Technology Bureau
15-01-2015Policy Address 2015 indicated the increasing emphasis on ICT development HKCS welcome and are eager to provide assistance
2015年施政報告反映政府日漸著重資訊及通訊科技發展 香港電腦學會喜見相關配套措施 樂於提供相關支援
08-12-2014Hong Kong Delegates topped the stage again in APICTA Awards 2014 Hong Kong Computer Society led local ICT elites to achieve 10 awards
「2014 亞太資訊及通訊科技大奬」-香港得獎者祝捷及分享新聞發佈會 香港代表團獲得十個奬項 再次揚威海外
03-12-2014OICTAA is going to be organised again in 2015 Now call for entries
香港電腦學會再次舉辦「傑出資訊及通訊科技人員奬 2015」 現正招募本地優秀資訊科技從業員報名角逐殊榮
27-11-20142014 Executive Cloud Forum Event Report
25-11-2014CIO Forum – 360 Value Creation through IT Professional Certification
Explore the close relation between CPIT and IT business development

「CIO 論壇—從認證帶動全方位價值提升」 透視CPIT 專業認證與業界價值提升之密切關聯
12-11-2014“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best Business Solution Award” opens for entries With new awards to encourage the innovative applications and products of Cloud
「2015香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」現正報受報名 本年度設立新奬項以鼓勵ICT企業善用雲端技術
31-10-2014HK International Computer Conference 2014 ended with resounding success - painted a whole new picture of the digital era
「2014 香港國際電腦會議」完滿落幕 來賓全面了解智能城市的發展
23-09-2014Hong Kong Institute for IT Professional Certification Signs Agreement with
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Exemption of exam for 2 CPIT titles for eligible EIS graduates
With the objective to encourage IT professionals to enter into CPIT program

13-08-2014Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp 2014-Sharing Session and Press Conference Participants share joyful memories with media
「2014 滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」 「無所不在移動科技,看見行動生活魅力」
06-07-2014中學校際手機應用程式設計大賽2014分享會暨新聞發佈會 展示學生研究成果 憑創意程式解決都市健康問題
23-06-2014Cyberport co-hosts Robocon 2014 Hong Kong Contest to foster Greater Student Interest in IT and Engineering
數碼港協辦《全港大專生機械人大賽 2014》 提升本地學生對資訊科技及工程學科的興趣
20-06-2014Hong Kong Computer Society Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
14-05-2014Hong Kong Computer Society Elected New Council Members Keep Focus on Professional Development & Young Talent Cultivation and Accelerate HKCS’ Development around the 5 Core Values
香港電腦學會選出新一屆理事會成員 續以專業發展人才及培育青少年IT人材為首要工作 並推出五大核心價值
12-04-2014MoDev Hong Kong 2014 Kicks off Today Deciphering the evolving trends and applications of mobile computing
「MoDev 香港 2014」今天開幕洞察流動應用程式發展新趨勢
07-04-2014"Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014: Best Business Solution Award" Result Announcement
「2014 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」公佈結果
01-03-2014Hong Kong ’s Only IT Focus Career Expo Kicks off Today Comprehensive IT Career Information on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Education
Benefited Both Exhibitors and Visitors

香港電腦學會今日舉行全港唯一「IT 職業博覽」提供全面就業、創業、進修資訊〄參展機構及參加者均受惠
26-02-2014HKCS Supports The Constructive Measures to ICT Industry Development in the Budget 2014 and Urges the Establishment of Technology and Innovations Bureau
14-01-2014Policy Address Re-initiate the Setting up of Innovation and Technology Bureau
Hong Kong Computer Society Support and Urge Early Implementation of ITB to Develop Long-term Policy and Led the Industry Development

施政報告建議再次啟動成立創新及科技局工作 香港電腦學會支持並促請政府及立法會協助儘快落實以制定長遠政策〃統籌行業發展
07-01-2014Hong Kong Computer Society issuing Open Letter to Legco Members to Urge for the Support of Establishing Technology Bureau
香港電腦學會向全體立法會議員發出公開信 要求支持政府成立科技局之建議
06-01-2014Hong Kong Computer Society Call for Entries for “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014: Best Business Solution Award”
香港電腦學會呼籲更多企業競逐「2014 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」
05-12-2013Hong Kong Computer Society Led Hong Kong ICT Elites to Top APICTA2013 for the 3rd consecutive years with 4 Winners and 12 Merits
Stephen Lau was Conferred APICTA Lifetime Achievement Award

香港電腦學會帶領香港 ICT 精英 取得「2013 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎」4 大獎及 12 優異獎連續三年取得全場最好成績
27-11-2013HKCS Announces APICTA2013 Winners & Merits List
HK Delegates Topped APICTA2013 with 4 Winners and 12 Merits

香港電腦學會公佈「2013 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎」得獎名單香港代表隊取得 4 大獎及 12 優異獎全場最好成績
26-11-2013Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2013 Kicks Off Today Themed by Technology Disruptions Transform Business With The Golden Jubilee of HK’s First Computer Photo Exhibition held on Nov 27
APICTA2013 Concurrently Takes Place in HK

「2013 香港國際電腦會議 」今天開幕 香港最大型國際資訊科技會議・探討科技改革商業 27 日同場舉行「紀念香港首部電腦誕生 50 周年圖片展覽」
22-11-2013The Hong Kong Computer Society Sees Talent Development as Top Priority for 2014 Digital 21 Strategy Mr. Peter Yan, Hong Kong Computer Society Vice President (Policy and Communications) and Honorary Secretary
香港電腦學會認為 2014 數碼 21 資訊科技策略應首重人才培育香港電腦學會副會長(政策及聯繫事務)及名譽秘書任景信先生
20-11-2013“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014: Best Business Solution Award” Call for Qualified Candidates
「2014 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業方案獎」鼓勵本地合資格 ICT 機構踴躍報名
04-11-2013Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2013 Held on Nov 26-27 Themed by Technology Disruptions Transform Business
APICTA2013 Concurrently Takes Place in HK This November

「2013 香港國際電腦會議 」11 月 26-27 日舉行香港最大型國際資訊科技會議・探討科技改革商業
「2013 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎」同期於香港舉行
28-08-2013Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp Concluded Successfully Students Jointly Designed Creative Green IT Products for Environmental Protection
「2013 滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」圓滿結束 滬港台學生合力構思創意綠色科技產品,保護環境
31-07-20132013 Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp Kick Off Today Theme:“Environmental Protection with IT Green Technology”
2013「滬港台青少年 IT 夏令營」今日啟動 首度集合中港台 IT 精英學生同心構思保護環境
16-07-2013 “Mainland and Hong Kong IT Forum” co-organised by Hong Kong Computer Society and Hong Kong SAR Government
Hong Kong as a Bridge Helping Mainland Local ICT Going Global and Ushering in Foreign Enterprise ICT Elite

香港電腦學會與政府合辦大連「內地與香港 IT 論壇」
香港作橋樑助國內 IT 走出世界〃引進國外 IT 精英企業
14-06-2013Hong Kong Computer Society Elected New Council Members
06-05-2013MoDev Hong Kong 2013 Disruptathon
Green Tomato won Presentation Excellence Award; Roambi won Translational Potential Award; Cherrypicks won Best Disruptive Innovation Award

「MoDev 香港 2013 會議」「Disruptathon──流動應用程式大比併」
Green Tomato 獲「最佳推介演繹獎」、Roambi 獲「最具轉移潛質奬」、
Cherrypicks 奪得「最能打破常規獎」
12-04-2013MoDev Hong Kong 2013 Conference Kicks off Today Explore the evolving trends and applications of mobile computing
「MoDev 香港 2013 會議」今天開幕 探索流動應用程式的發展趨勢,甄選未來流動應用程式
08-04-2013Hong Kong Computer Society Announced “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013: Best Business Awards” Results
「2013 香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳商業系統獎」公布結果
27-02-2013Hong Kong Computer Society Response to the 2013-14 Budget
香港電腦學會對 2013 年度財政預算案之回應
19-12-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Call for Entries for “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013: Best Business Award”
香港電腦學會呼籲更多企業競逐 「香港資訊及通訊科技獎 2013:最佳商業系統獎」
10-12-2012APICTA2013 Will be Hosted in Hong Kong
HKCS led Hong Kong Delegates Topped APICTA2012 with 5 Grand Awards and 7 Merits

香港宣佈明年主辦亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎 2013
香港電腦學會帶領香港代表團於本屆 APICTA 取得 5 大獎及 7 優異獎全場最佳成績
02-12-2012APICTA 2012 Will Take Place from December 3 to 5
HKCS Nominated 27 Outstanding Local Products to Compete in 14 Categories

2012 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎 12 月 3-5 日汶萊舉行
27 項本地 ICT 得獎作品獲香港電腦學會提名代表香港角逐 14 個組別獎項
20-11-2012Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2012 Kicks off Today Explore How Enterprises could Create Opportunities and Manage Risk in a Volatile Economy
香港國際電腦會議 2012 今天開幕 探索企業如何在動盪經濟下化危創機
08-10-2012MTR Passenger collects $100,000 Grand Prize in MTR App Talent Quest
港鐵乘客於「港鐵 APP 徵英賽」勝出獨得港幣十萬元終極大獎
28-09-2012Hong Kong’s first “IT Career Expo” attracted over 900 visitors Comprehensive IT Career Information on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Education Benefited Both Exhibitors and Visitors
全港首個「IT 職業博覽」吸引超過 900 人參加 提供全面就業、創業、進修資訊〄參展機構及參加者雙雙受惠
22-09-2012香港電腦學會今日舉行全港首個「IT 職業博覽」 近30間星級參展機構〄超過400 個IT 職位空缺 月薪由9千至3萬提供全面就業、創業、進修資訊
28-08-2012Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth IT Summer Camp Concluded Successfully Students Showed the Power of IT in Serving the Society with Self-Produced Short Movies
「2012 滬港青少年 IT 夏令營」圓滿結束 滬港中學生合製創意微電影 展示 IT 科技如何服務社會
28-06-2012HKCS Announce Winners of Outstanding ICT Achiever Awards 2012
To honor outstanding ICT Professionals and Promote ICT Professional Development & Talent Cultivation

香港電腦學會公布「傑出資訊及通訊科技人員獎 2012」得獎名單
21-06-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Elected New Council members Keeping Focus on Professional Development & Young Talent Cultivation

香港電腦學會選出新一屆理事會成員 續以專業發展及培育青年資訊及通訊科技人才為首要工作
13-06-2012Hong Kong Computer Society 2012 Alan Turing Year Series 2012 “Alan Turing Centenary” Commemoration Mini-Exhibition Opens Today
香港電腦學會「2012圖靈年」活動系列 電腦之父艾倫‧圖靈(Alan Turing)誕生一百周年紀念展覽開幕
06-06-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Community College at Lingnan University and Lingnan Institute of Further

23-05-2012Hong Kong Computer Society 2012 Alan Turing Year Series, Public Seminar on
“Alan Turing and the Computing Revolution: Ten Big Ideas that Changed the World”

電腦之父艾倫‧圖靈誕生一百週年․世界各地爭相開展圖靈年紀念活動香港電腦學會舉辦 2012 圖靈年活動系列——公開講座
07-05-20122012 Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth IT Summer Camp to be Held in Shanghai in August 2012 Youngsters are Encouraged to Serve the Community with Innovative Technology
「2012 滬港青少年 IT 夏令營」8 月上海舉行鼓勵滬港青少年以最新 IT 科技「服務社會」
04-05-2012HKITPC presented 2nd CPIT certificates
The only IT Certification aligned with QF in HK for Employers’ Staffing Reference

香港資訊科技專業認證局頒授 Certified Professional of IT 證書
香港唯一與資歷架構掛鈎 IT 資歷認證〃機構可用於招聘時考慮
30-04-2012香港 ICT 業界促請下屆政府儘快落實資訊及科技局以制定長遠政策〃統籌行業發展
20-04-2012APICTA Winners Reception Held Tonight To Recognize Hong Kong ICT Elites and their World Leading ICT Achievements
「亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎得獎者」交流分享會舉行 匯集香港ICT業界精英〃標誌ICT達世界水平
12-04-2012Six ICT Associations Jointly Form Hong Kong Cloud Standards Alliance In response to the rise of Cloud-based Services Promote regional cooperation and standardization of cloud computing
六大 ICT 團體攜手成立香港雲計算標準聯盟 回應雲計算服務興起 促進香港與區域內聯繫 協助執行雲計算標準化工作
03-04-2012“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Business Award” Results Announcement
「香港資訊及通訊科技獎 2012:最佳商業系統獎」公佈結果
07-02-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Holds Outstanding ICT Achiever Awards 2012 To honor outstanding ICT Professionals and Promote Local ICT Talent Cultivation
香港電腦學會主辦傑出「資訊及通訊科技人員獎 2012」選舉表揚資訊科技界傑出人才,推動本地科技人才培育
17-01-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Call for Entries for “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Business Award”
香港電腦學會呼籲更多企業競逐「香港資訊及通訊科技獎 2012:最佳商業系統獎」
11-01-2012Hong Kong Computer Society Announce A Practical Guide for IT Managers and Professionals on the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
香港電腦學會公布 《IT 管理層及專業人員「個人資料(私隱)條例」實用指南》
16-12-2011Hong Kong Computer Society announce the “Development of a Certification Roadmap for IT Professional Certification” Project
香港電腦學會公布「資訊科技專業認證路線圖」 可配合資歷架構.為 IT 人專業進修定出首個框架
15-12-2011“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Business Award” Calls for Entries
「香港資訊及通訊科技獎 2012:最佳商業系統獎」開始接受報名
23-11-2011Hong Kong International Computer Conference Kick off Today Worldwide IT Elites Examine on Hottest ICT Trends
香港國際電腦會議 2011 今天開幕 環球 IT 精英匯聚香港・探討資訊科技最新趨勢
21-11-2011Hong Kong Topped APICTA 2011 with 5 Grand Awards and 9 Merits
香港科技揚威亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎 2011 奪 5 項大獎 9 個優異獎〃全場最多雄視亞太
14-11-2011HKICC2011 will take place on November 23 &24 Examine the latest ICT trends, Regional Collaboration and Talent Cultivation
香港國際電腦會議 2011 將於 11 月 23-24 日舉行探討資訊科技最新趨勢、地區協作及人才培育
07-11-2011Hong Kong Computer Society Announces Opinion Poll Result on Policy Address Nearly 80% Respondents Support the Establishment of IT Bureau
香港電腦學會就施政報告諮詢 IT 業界・近八成受訪者贊成設立科技局
06-11-2011HKCS Nominates 22 Local Elite Teams Participate in APICTA 2011 24 Outstanding Products and Applications Compete for Awards in 14 Categories
22 家香港精英團隊出戰 2011 亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎 24 項參賽作品獲香港電腦學會提名角逐 14 個組別獎項
11-10-2011Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2011 Worldwide IT Elites Examine on Hottest ICT Trends
香港國際電腦會議 2011 十一月舉行 環球 IT 精英匯聚香港・探討資訊科技最新趨勢
19-09-2011Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2011 Opens for Registration Asia-Pacific Elites gather at Hong Kong’s Largest ICT Conference Event
香港國際電腦會議 2011 開始接受報名 香港最大型資訊科技會議盛事 匯聚一眾亞太區精英
09-09-2011Hong Kong Computer Society Forum Raised Strategies on Six Areas to Better Support Hong Kong as the Asia IT Hub
香港電腦學會對施政報告提出六項策略性建議 – 將香港發展成為亞洲資訊科技中心
30-08-2011Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth IT Summer Camp Caring the underprivileged with IT Innovation

「2011 滬港青少年 IT 夏令營」圓滿結束滬港學生發揮 IT 創意關懷弱勢群體
17-08-2011香港專業教育學院學生囊括沙中綫電子遊戲設計比賽大獎 香港電腦學會促投放資源培訓年青電腦遊戲設計人才
10-08-20112011 Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth IT Summer Camp Kick Off Today with Theme: IT Caring Society

「2011 滬港青少年 IT 夏令營」今日啟動鼓勵滬港青少年以 IT 關懷弱勢社群需要
10-07-2010Certified IT experts - Proven Hong Kong IT professional The first professional body issued digitalised certificates
15-09-2009HKCS invites applications for HKICT Awards 2009: Best Business Award New stream introduced for start-up companies