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11 July, 2017

To all members:

We regretfully announce the resignation of our President, Mr. Michael Leung, MH; effective as soon as the new president is elected at the special Council meeting on 24 July 2017. After all these years serving the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), he has decided it is time for him to step down from his position as President and spend more time with his family. This is a great loss for us, but we respect his decision and wish him the best.

Mr. Leung has served HKCS for 4 years as President and for 3 years on key councils. His contributions to HKCS, as well as the community, have been remarkable and valuable. Under his leadership, HKCS has developed collaboration opportunities with different industry sectors, such as signing an MOU with the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers. He also facilitated the establishment of FACE Club and iLEAP, which are targeted towards female IT practitioners and senior IT executives respectively, in order to achieve the goal of accelerating the growth of the local IT talent pool; an action we believe can help promote IT development in Hong Kong.

As this is a “casual vacancy” situation, the to-be-elected new President will run his term ending May 2019. Pursuant to Article 17(d) of the Society’s Constitution, “the Council will have the discretion in deciding on any question or matter which is not expressly provided in the Constitution, which would cover the matter of filling the vacancy of the office of the Presidency.

The Council will organise a Council Meeting on 24 July, 2017 to decide on the new President out of the candidate(s) nominated in accordance to clause 12 of the constitution – “Candidate for the position of President must be a Full Member of two years or more standing, having served as a Council Member for at least one year, and must be holding responsible position directly related to the IT industry during the five years immediately before the date of election.  In the case of dispute, the adjudication by the Advisory Board of HKCS shall be final.” We will provide another notice as soon as the new President is elected.

Again, we would like to thank Mr. Leung for his contributions, dedication and efforts over the years.

The Council, Hong Kong Computer Society

Letter from Mr. Michael Leung