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ISSIG operates with the following specialized objectives:

(a) to promote information security awareness and good practices;

(b) to provide a forum for the exchange of information and experience in the area of information security.

Committee Member

Chairperson:Mr. Roy Ko
Secretary:Ms. Su Chan
Committee Members:Mr. Michael Chan
Mr. Savio Chan
Mr. Allan Dyer
Mr. Paul Jackson
Dr. William Kwan
Mr. Garrick Ng
Mr. Cecil Siu
Mr. Maverick Tam
Mr. Simon To
Mr. Wilson Wong
Mr. Frank Yam

Past Activities

Year 2015
2015/09/15 - 16 HKCS ISSIG Co-organising Event: Information Security Summit 2015 - "Information Anywhere Anytime - Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoTs - Security Friends or Foes"
Year 2014
2014/10/13 - 28 HKCS ISSIG Co-organising Event: Information Security Summit 2014 - "Enhancing Business Governance to Embrace the Internet of Everything - Anticipating and Responding to Security Risks"
Year 2013
2013/10/21 - 29 HKCS ISSIG Co-organising Event: Information Security Summit 2013 - "Trust and Privacy in the Cyber Era 2.0 - Securing and Protecting Borderless Data"
2013/06/27 HKCS ISSIG Co-organising Event: Big Data, Smart Data, Dumb Data and Security Intelligence!
Year 2012
2012/11/20 - 2012/12/06 HKCS ISSIG Co-organising Event: Information Security Summit 2012 - "BYOD and Mobility - Balancing Corporate Security with End-User Needs"
2012/01/11 HKCS ISSIG: Security and Privacy Forum on A Practical Guide for IT Managers and Professionals On the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Year 2011
2011/11/28 - 2011/12/14 HKCS ISSIG: Information Security Summit 2011 - "Managing Information - Security Ricks of Cloud, Mobile and Social Networking Environments"
2011/04/02 ISSID Workshop - ISO/IEC 27001 Explained (Present and Future)
Year 2010
2010/11/16 - 24 HKCS ISSID: Information Security Summit 2010 - "Cloud and Mobile Security in a Blurred Perimeter Environment"
2010/01/22 HKCS ISSID: Sake Gathering
Year 2009
2009/11/17 - 27 HKCS ISSID: Information Security Summit 2009 - "Security in the Age of Cloud Computing, Virtualisation and Social Networking"
2009/05/19 ISSID - Seminar "International Standards on Information Security Management Systems - Current and Future Development"
Year 2008
2008/11/17 -21 ISSID - Information Security Summit 2008 - "Enhancing Mobility Security in an Information Collaboration World"
2008/10/18 ISSID Workshop - "Proactive IT Security Incident Response and Data Leakage Investigation"

ISSID and HITSID - Sake Dinner


ISSID - Practical Security Advises to End Point Data Storage Monitor, Control or Encryption?

2008/03/04 ISSID - Recent photo leakage incident - Why you and your organization should care?

Year 2007

2007/12/03-07 Information Security Summit 2007
2007/11/28 ISSID Seminar "Latest Development of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and J-SOX"
2007/05/05 HKCS ISSID Workshop
2007/03/01 HKCS ISSID Networking Hours

Year 2006

2006/12/13 HKCS ISSID Networking Hours
2006/11/27-30 Information Security Summit 2006
2006/10/17 ISSID Seminar
2006/06/27 HKCS ISSID Seminar IT's Growing Contribution to Business: Trends and Predictions for 2006 and Beyond
2006/03/31 ISSID Special Forum - Data Privacy & IT Security Governance - What has the IPCC incident taught us?
2006/03/11 ISSID Workshop Effective Computer Forensics in an MS Windows Environment
2006/01/21 ISSID Workshop-Discovery of IT Security and Forensic Skill
2006/01/12 HKCS ISSID - Networking Hours

Year 2005

2005/12/15 ISSIG Seminar - IT Security Challenges & Retrospective Forensic Analysis
2005/11/08-09 Information Security Summit 2005 Hong Kong
2005/09/29 Trends in End-point Security (Presentation is ready to download)
2005/07/11 ISSG: Seminar "Credit Card Crime in Asia Pacific"
2005/04/14 ISSG Speaker's Meeting: Emerging IT Risk Governance, Compliance and Management Trends
2005/02/24 ISSG Evening Seminar - How Computer Forensic Skills improve Enterprise Security?
2005/02/18 ISSG Networking Hour

Year 2004

2004/11/11-12 Information Security Summit 2004
2004/10/16 Information Security and Forensics Investigation
2004/08/19 Microsoft Security Strategy - Client Environment
2004/03/06 Workshop on Successful ISMS (BS7799) Certification - Secrets You Should Know
2004/01/17 Implementing Enterprise Security - Case Study (Presentations are ready to download)

Year 2003

2003/12/16 HKCS ISSG & HKCERT Seminar "Building a Secure e-Business Environmet"
2003/12/13 ISSG Site Visit to Hong Kong Police Force Forensics Laboratory
2003/11/25 ISSG Seminar on "Software Quality and Project Management"
2003/11/17-18 Information Security Summit 2003 - Capitalize the Value of Information Security for Competitive Advantage
2003/10/23 ISSG Seminar on "Dealing with IT Auditors and Implementing Audit and Security Recommendations"
2003/08/16 ISSG Forum on Information Security Practices for Banks Theme: Incidence Response and Investigation
2003/07/31 ISSG Seminar on "Enhancing business continuity - a case study on SARS contingency planning"
2003/06/17 Physical Security - What it's all about? (Presentations are ready to download)
2003/03/20 Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking (Presentations are ready to download)
2003/03/08 Computer Forensics in the Eyes of a Lawyer
2003/02/11 Security Regulation Compliance Solution for your Database Systems (Presentations are ready to download)

Year 2002

2002/12/19 "Field Experience Sharing on e-Banking Fraud Cases" (Presentations are ready to download)
2002/11/25 "How to avoid being a victim" (Presentations are ready to download)
2002/10/12 "Site visit - Cyberport project & IT Infrastructure of PCCW at Cyberport"
2002/09/14 "PracticalImplementation of Business Continuity Plans" jointly organized by HKCS-ISSA & ISACA (HK Chapter)
2002/09/06 "HKCS eBizSG / ISSG - Networking Hour"
2002/08/08 "Hong Kong Post e-Cert and Mobile e-Cert"   (Presentations are ready to download)
2002/07/27 "Wireless LAN Security Live Demo Workshop" jointly organized by HKCS-ISSG, PISA, HKACE, AITLE, ISFS and CityU
2002/07/04 "International Perspectives on the Information Security Profession"
2002/06/20 "Hacking Web Applications LIVE"
2002/04/19 "CISSP and CISA:  Professional Certifications for Information Security" jointly organized by ISSG, PISA and SCOPE of City U
2002/01/17 "Certification Program for Business Continuity Professionals" (Presentations are ready to download)

Year 2001

2001/11/01 "Crisis Management" (Presentations are ready to download)
2001/09/27 "Countermeasures Against The Code Red Worm And Its Varians" (Presentations are ready to download)
2001/06/07 "Hacking for the Masses - Birth of the Click Kiddie" (Presentations are ready to download)
2001/05/16 "IT Security Career Talk" (Presentations are ready to download)

Year 2000

2000/12/19 "Personal Security Seminar" (Presentations are ready to download)
2000/11/14 "Co-operation in the Anti-Virus Industry - Safe Virus Exchange?"
2000/08/29 "Computer Crime & Computer Forensic"


Articles & Interviews