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21 Jun

[Supporting Event] Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards (Application Deadline)

12:00 am - 11:59 pm
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The Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards aims to:

  • encourage organisations to solve problems with innovative, green and practicable ideas that can be turned into gadgets, equipment or systems etc, resulting in real benefits to the environment, the organisations themselves and the community;
  • encourage them to share the experiences of their green innovations with similar businesses or the community; and
  • recognise the environmental achievements of the green innovations.

Eligibility for the Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards

Any Hong Kong organisations or their functional units which operate in Hong Kong may apply with an entry which they have either conceived of on their own, or modified significantly from existing approaches and developed those to fruition to create environmental value in Hong Kong. In this context, the term “green innovation” refers to any change that increases or enhances environmental benefits in a significantly ingenious manner.

Each applicant may submit one or more entries. Each entry submitted should be a current and reasonably recent initiative within three years since its full-scale implementation and has shown proven success in terms of measurable improvement to the environment (e.g. energy conservation or waste management). It must not merely be an idea that has merit and may be successful in the future, or a green innovation brought or directly taken from a third party without any modification or enhancement made by the applicant.

The Organisers reserve the right to decide whether an application meets the eligibility requirement.


Date: June 21, 2019
Event CategorySupporting Events


Organizer Name: HKPC