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Business Intelligence was ranked as the top CIO priority in the “Gartner CIO Agenda 2007 – Top CIO Priorities” survey.  IDC predicts a US$670 million BI and BPM market in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) by 2010 and expects the market to remain on the fast growth track with a 5-year CAGR of 12.9%.  In 2007,the top three independent Business Intelligence software vendors were acquired by the top three software giants in the world.  “Competing on Analytics”, one of the best selling business books in 2007 written by Thomas Davenport and published by Harvard Business School, had gained great attention from millions of business executives around the world on how strategic and critical Business Intelligence and Analytics is in today’s global competition.  All these facts are telling us that Business Intelligence has been evolved into a mainstream technology as well as a critical business strategy.



  • Facilitate the sharing of local and international best practices of business intelligence across IT professionals in Hong Kong
  • Define a highly recognizable professional qualification on business intelligence and develop corresponding certification process for Hong Kong
  • Promote the application of business intelligence technologies and solutions to local companies in Hong Kong to enhance their competitiveness, productivity and operation efficiency in the global and digital economy
  • Demonstrate and enhance the business values of IT to the senior executives of Hong Kong companies through the business impact generated by business intelligence
  • Develop and train up more world-class business intelligence professionals in Hong Kong to serve the uprising need from the employers in Hong Kong, China as well as Asia Pacific

Committee Members

Chairperson:Dr. Toa Charm
Vice Chairperson & Treasurer:Ir. Daniel Ng
Vice Chairperson:Mr. Tak Chu
Corporate Relationship:Ms. Lana Lo
Mr. Benedict Lau
Alliance Relationship:Mr. Gabriel Lau
Mr. Steve Yeung
Membership:Mr. Anthony Chiu
Mr. Jacob Wai
Government and SME:Mr. Jack Cheung
Mr. Francis Wong
Marketing & PR:Mr. Benny Lam
Mr. Mike Tsui
Research & Development:Dr. Paul Chan
Mr. Tony Lau
Professional Development:Mr. Eddie Choi
Mr. William Chu
Social Services:Mr. Winsor Chiu
Mr. Aaron Hui
China Development:Mr. Happy Lee
Mr. Greg Wong

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